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What are you thoughts on this girl?


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Hey everyone, I'm new here.


Basically Iv'e been on four dates with this girl and and about to go on a 5th. When we're together it's fun and we're quite similar and we like a bit of banter. The problem is, I cancelled/rescheduled our last date as I had been driving for 8 hours straight (got lost picking a friend up from the airport) and I was absolutely shattered and really wasn't in the right mindset.


I explained this to her, saying sorry and is it ok to reschedule to next time she's free. She got quite moody and replied with "oh right ok, I thought you would see me for a bit but nvm". I then asked if she wanted to reschedule at all, and I got no reply.


Two days went past and I sent another message saying "I'd very much like to make it up to you but if you're not that interested any more, could you please let me know?". Hours later I got a reply saying "yeh I'll let you take me out again, I'm free Wednesday".


Since then she's been a bit off, quite hard to tell how she really is over text. I liked this girl but these mood swings have made me stray a bit. I'm up for giving it another chance but does this worry any of you? Was I out of order to cancel?


She's quite high maintenance but I like that and she's a glamour model so she's most likely used to guys doing everything she say's.



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She models for a few guy magazines, nothing too dirty but she does do topless. I had no idea she did this when I met her, she told me on second date. Not really sure how I feel about it, but I don't want to judge a book by its cover.


It was supposed to be a two hour trip there and another 2 hours back, but on the way back I just got totally lost. Worst experience ever! I have no sense of direction! I need a satnav.

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While I understand your point Eocsor, I don't think I will judge just yet. I don't really have a problem with the modelling thing, she only does it as a side gig - I guess I don't know enough about it yet. She's training to be a primary school teacher.


The mood swing is my concern, not her job. I'm on my guard now and am not going to put up with another one unless it was caused for. She seems to have chilled out a bit at is back to normal. I really hate texting!

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I believe that she wouldn't be the girl you'd want to deal with in the long run perhaps. Red flag for me is in her wording, "I'll let you to take me out again." It sounds entitled. But proceed with caution because one cannot assume perfectly, she may be fine.

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