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what am i thinking


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its been about a month or 2 since the girl i love left me an its been a nc situation by my choice cuz being around her an hearing her talk about guys she liked hurt so much....for the last week ive been alone in a house im eatching for my grandparents an all i can do is think of her an half an hour ago i txt her cuz i miss her so much.....an now i just feel worse cuz she wont txt me back .....its like i set myself up to get hurt but do nothing to stop it .....i feel like im running into the same wall over an over an dont know how to stop ....](*,)

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Yeah you do, you just said it. STOP. Do anything else besides making contact with her. Here, I'll tell you where to start. Read The journey from abandonment to healing by Susan Anderson. What it's going to do is explain the process and why you're having such a hard time, and then ways to move on from it. Please stop doing this to yourself. Most of us have all done it. It's ok, forgive yourself, and just stop the behavior.


The behavior is causing you to hurt yourself. You can control it. Just dig down deep for that strength you have. Don't beat yourself up and know that everything is going to be alright in time.

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