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Lessons Are Always There

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Since this part of the forum has a commonality where people lost loved ones and understandably find it challenging to move on, instead of answering to each single thread, I'll just share with you all my story. Back in 1984, my mother took three vials of sleeping pills to take her own life. Our family was at rock bottom. But one of the things to realize is that no matter how horrible a life event is, there's ALWAYS a valuable lesson hidden in there somewhere, if you are willing to find it. Life does go on but only if you make the choice to. After all, that is one of the best ways to honour those we've lost.


Since becoming a speaker, I have met many more people than I ever imagined, who lost loved ones the same way I did. So the other thing I since realized is that a lot of people out there have experienced the same type of things you are experiencing, plus they are moving on and in some cases, quite successfully beyond what they have ever imagined possible. But the common factor with these cases is that they made the choice to move on and did whatever necessary to be successful no matter how tragic their loss was.

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