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We had a casual encounter once before and never mentioned it. She got married shortly after and became pregnant. We both thought it was mine but never said anything. Her marriage had begun to fail and our friendship grew, having a child myself i helped her along the way keeping my feelings to myself. I left for a while and returned married to an old flame and she was there to pik me up from the airport, i reluctantly told her i was married. We had a few drinks and in the midst we kissed. We had already made up our minds and begun our relationship. It was great, we had romance and passion, she divorced her husband (whe the child belongs to) and i divorced my wife. The resulting turmoil naturally drained us bu we pressed on. I have been helping take care of her child and it seems as if its expected that i go above the call of duty sometimes. Upon learning i had a week off, she asked if i could tend to the child when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Her 18 yeAr old brother has been living with us for almost 3 months and will be leaving soon. I was told he woukd care for the child in the day while we were both working and give us time to go out at night. We havnt done anything in almost a month. Saturday she left at nine am and didnt return until sunday morning. Pissed off and drunk i asked whered she been all night. She said hangin out with her little brother. I wasnt just upset because she stayed out all nite, but mostly because there is no communication. She told me to pakmy * * * * , and i did so very calmy. Before i left i told her i wanted to speak my peace, i let her kno i spent the day buying an outfit, a necklace and planning a well deserved nite out and fully explained myself. Ietting her knw that everything is tge way it is because that is how she wanted it. Us living together, being together and even me helping with her child. She Apologized, we had sex and fell asleep. We wake up and shes wearing the dress, necklace and wanted to head out and enjoy a nice dinner. We did, it was nice but the feelings still lingered. That nite i suggested i move out so she can maintain a private life, she told me thats the last thing she wants. Now today shes blowing kisses and cheerful. Does she want the space desired or is she just messing with my head? Wat should be my next move?

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