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Red Bull+Smoking=No erection?


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If a guy drinks a Red Bull and also just smoked (a cigarette or possibly some weed) is it possible that he will have difficulty getting hard? The guy claimed that he was embarrassed and thinks it was the Red Bull that did it to him and that internally he feels really turned on. Umm, so as a woman, I'm feeling like maybe I wasn't turning him on and he was just saying that? Can anyone give me their opinion on this?

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Actually... pot is a depressant. Then again, so is alcohol and alcohol can cause erectile issues.


If he drank a red bull (a stimulant) and smoked some pot (a depressant), he should net out and be ok. LOL! Kidding, kidding...


ANY drug in the body can cause weird things to happen. And even at that... sometimes, yanno, it just happens. He could have been tired, stressed, etc. One lack of erection does not a dysfunction make. It's about trends.


So... do you actually like this guy? Then you should give him another chance (or three).

If it's just about sex... well... I guess you could kick him to the curb.


I don't think you should take this stuff personally.

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