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I thought he liked me. She says he likes her.


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okay, so there is this guy. we used to date. i still have feelings for him. it took him a year to finally admit to me that he liked me too. but he goes to my old church and we left about 3 months ago. i go back to visit and a new preacher is there filling in until they get a new one. he has a granddaughter! and my best friend from there told me that they were talking. he told me three months ago that he liked me and i have been hanging on all this time. the way he acted hinted as to his feelings may not have changed. i am heartbroken! what do i do? everyone tells me she is not his type. but idk. maybe she is. not long before they started talking she told his best friend that she liked him and then shoves on to, we will call him john. she moves on to john just like that. is she for serious!?! i get to see him all this week and want to have him back! what do i do?

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