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My ex contacted me...how did I do?


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My ex dumped me in late March and after ten days I went NC and I stuck to that ever since. I proposed to her on the 31.st of March and she said she needed time to digest all that`s been said etc. So basically Im an established artist in my country and I just released a new song (triggered by all the * * * * Im going through now) A few days after she found it on my artist-page on FB she commented on it, and sent me a mail. We exchanged the following words:


Her: I just heard "song title" It was so beautiful that it made me cry. I shared it on my profile.

Me: Hi, nice to hear that you liked it. It`s a song that means alot to me and it came to me very quickly. Thanx for sharing it on your profile!

Her: The vocals are incredible...lots of passion Maybe the most beautiful I`ve ever heard from you So how are things going? Atleast it sounds like you are doing good with your music

Me: Thanx alot for that! If something is good I get a good feeling from it and I worked a little extra to finnish this to catch the moment. When it comes to your question I find it hard to answer. I guess the song itself explains it better than I could I work on myself in many ways and try to focus on the things I can change, and accept the things I don`t rule over.


Then silence (one week today) She didn`t even post it on her wall bc I would get a notice on that. So what do you make of it? And how do you think my response was? Im very aware of the fact that Im not gonna try and paint a "Im so over-the-top happy now that you wouldn`t believe it-picture" of how I feel when the song obviously is saying something else. She knows after 5-6 years in a relationship with me that I only write about how I feel.

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you did fine --- better than fine. You kept it light, and only addressed what she asked. My question is, what are you expecting? You proposed to her after she dumped you???


She has always wanted to do the family-thing with me so yeah, I pretty much offered her my whole life in the break-up-periode. Im not expecting anything when it comes to releasing the new song. Ive been doing this for almost 20 years now so it`s in my bones. But I do have hope, and still go through a hard time...but the silence is killing me. I just wanted to know what you thought of my response so thanx for that

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When I asked what you were expecting, I meant in regards to your ex. I guess if you proposed after the break up, and she is still thinking about it (???), or she never gave you a response ????? or she said she needed time, than you just need to keep moving forward in your own life. Leave the silence alone, and let her come to you if she's going to --- apparently your feelings came out in your song and she was touched by it. I've heard that a lot of artists are able to create some of their best work in healing their hearts!

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Well, I expected an answer ofcourse since I offered her my life. Im now in therapy to fix some issues that held me back, and I`ve realised alot of things (she don`t know Im going to therapy...Im doing it for me) She never gave me a response no...only that she needed time to think. And quite frankly I get a little upset by the fact that she knows she has an unanswered proposal there and still ask me, how are you doing? I mean it`s like the big question just disappared in her mind... If she means nothing she should have just let me alone...

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You're right --- but I don't think she "forgot" you proposed. While she hasn't said no, she also hasn't said yes....so I'd take it that she is moving on and contacted you only with regard to your music and not your promise of a future. I'm sorry.

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You take everything at face value and that's it, but you did do very good with how you responded. So in other words I agree with mhowe. I don't think she forgot you proposed, but obviously you need to be in the relationship to be engaged so forget about that for now. Don't forget, but it's not really realistic that she's just going to say yes when you two aren't even together anymore right? Kinda jumping the gun thinking about that a bit. Give it some time and see what happens. Just keep working on you.

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