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Still trying to go NC with my ex, but he wont leave me alone!!!

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I broke up with my ex a few days ago. He won't leave me the heck alone. I stuck with him longer than most would have. He was verbally abusive, blamed fights on me, never took responsibility for his behavior, never appologized, was jealous, possesive, etc. And I could never question what he was doing on the computer on fb, etc or he would get all defensive.


We met on a dating site in February. We became exclusive end of February. I had asked him several times if he was still logging on to that site because I made my profile invisible for the time being. He said he hasn't been on the site since we met. I believed him. The last straw was when I had a bad hunch, and I looked him up and low and behold he had logged on that week!!! he has a girlfriend so he shoudn't be doing that at all, I dont care if he was curious or whatever, that is inexcusable. But of course, he denied it and wouldn't take responsibility for his action. He swore up and down he didnt cheat. I believe he didn't because I was with him alot, but that doesn't excuse it. He basically wanted to do what ever he wanted, and expected me to not question him.


So, I broke it off. But he is still texting me even though I am ignoring his calls and texts. Do I ignore him or tell him to leave alone??? ugh.

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February.... 2011?


Yeah I don't think that was ever going to work if he was showing those behaviors so early on.


Of course he will. Everyone does, its the dumpees way to continue to contact the person in the hope they'll turn around and come back.


You have enough posts on this site to know what action to take, sends him one polite message saying it is over, you have made your decision and you won't be replying to any further messages and wish him well.

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