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[MUST READ] I got what I did to my Ex Girlfriend. Broke up with my 2nd GF.


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What i am about to tell you is a true real-life story. My name is adi and i am an indian residing in pune. Right now I am 24. When I was 17, I fell in love with a girl name Mani and we got into the relationship after 6 months. We were so in love, infact, madly in love. She is a beautiful and attractive girl. But there were two odd things i our relationship i.e first it was a long distance relationship ( but we managed to meet for a week in every two months) and other thing was that she was 6 years older than me. At that time I was in senior school and she was pursuing her fashion designer degree. Time goes by, but our love remains to grew even stronger. We planned that as soon as I start earning a respectable amount of salary after my engineering, we will marry. I was pretty much sure that she is the one. As she was my first love and so as i was for her. We had wonderful 5 years of relationship, i never cheated on her(except i kissed some girl ... that was nothing... and i told her about this and she forgave me... taking a promise from me that i would never repeat this mistake again... and i never did). She was the perfect girl for me. She never did a single thing without my consent. Because of my family disputes i got flunked (failed) in 12th class twice, even then she was with me. Whenever i was in trouble she was with me no matter the odds. During that 5 years we talked each and every single day and night. But things began to change, as her parents start forcing her to get married as she was approaching towards 30. ( ya i know its stupid, but here in india its some kind of society law) She told me about this that she cant handle her parents any longer, so do something or she gonna die as she cant live without me. I talked to my parents about mani but they refused stating that she is quite older than me. they didn't approve. I was tensed because her parents gonna force her to marry someone else, and if she was gone i am not gonna live at all as i cant see her with another man. One day i protested in front of my parents that if ever i am going to marry someone its mani. they got afraid of this situation as they will lose their son. So they played a trick. The trick was they talked to mani's parents and told them to marry their daughter somewhere else quietly (as her parents were also against our relationship). i didn't knew that. We cannot run off our homes because none of us were earning. And on the other hand i remain so tensed all the time that i couldn't concentrate on my studies and my routine life. There was a constant fear of losing mani. And then one day, i had an accident, but i somehow managed to come out unscratched but the other guy (with whom i got collided) died on the spot. It was not my fault, it was an accident, a just * * * * ing accident. I was neither drunk nor under any influence( other than 'my life's greatest * * * * ing problem- losing mani for life'). But police took me under investigation. At that time needed my parents to help me as my father was one of the top brass(official) in the state. Under investigation, i came out clean. Even through this whole time, mani was with me, she never left me.


Now i was in real trouble. my parents stood with me n so as mani but my parents were still against our relationship. She asked me whether i can make my parents agree for our marriage or not. I told her that i need time to convince them but she said she dont have much time. I understand her. Anyways she stopped talking to me for a while saying that her sister is in town and she doesnt want her to know about us. I said ok. In the mean time i decided to take engineering entrance exam. On the night of that exam i talked to mani, everything was normal, she was behaving normally. She told me that she loves me a lot. In the midnight, one of our mutual friend called me saying that he heard that mani got married. What the * * * * ! How is it possible! i told him that he is wrong. We just talked five hours ago. She didn't told me anything. Then i tried her phone, it was off. I kept on trying! For two days her number was off. Then my friend called me and told me that he is right, she got married to some IT engineer in New Delhi. It was an arranged marriage. I couldnt sleep, eat or walk properly. I just cried, cried, n cried for days. Nobody knows where she was or wasn't wanted to tell me fearing that i might create some scene over there. Her number was off for weeks. i was devastated. she left me alone. i kept saying to myself that she was not like this, she couldnt do this to me. Then i came to know that her parents forced her into an arranged marriage by emotionally blackmailing her. She surrendered in front of her parents.


In the mean time i got admission into engineering college in pune. But couldn't get mani out of my head. Then i decided not to get in contact with her as it seemed that she had moved on. Months of no contact after her marriage. Then one day i got a call from her. I cried when i heard her voice... she said "Adi.. r u there!". she told me that she still loves me and then she explained how her parents forced her into this marriage but she is not happy there at all. I begged her to take divorce and return back to me as i cant live without her. She said she will try but she cant assure anything. she asked whether i am seeing anyone... i said no as i wasn't. We started talking again but the thought of her with another man kills me everytime. She told me that she will return back to me but she needs time. Her husband was also not in love with her but he still wanted to stay with mani. I guss he wanted to show his friends her trophy wife.


Then she again stopped talking to me. I couldn't reach her as her number was coming off. Then months passed, i felt that i was dumped twice. I couldn't take this anymore. my friends told me to move on. Then i met a girl whom i knew from my school days (once we kissed when we were in our school days...as i mentioned above... it was a stupid act) Her name was neha. She told me that she still have feeling for me. Then we got into relationship (as i found someone to fill that void) and started talking as this one also was a long distance relationship. I start liking her and the memories of mani started to fade away. After one year of relationship, Out of nowhere i got a call from mani... she told me that she got divorced.... she did all this for me. She remained in no contact with me as she was afraid that her husband might get the call list and can use that as an evidence in the court against her. I was shocked. seriously.. Then i told her that i found someone and cant leave neha as this way i would be betraying her. Then mani said that whatever she did , did only for me... i cant leave her just like that. i know. But i have to make a choice and i chose neha. Now i dumped mani. Then we stopped talking and told everything to neha. Somewhere in my mind there was a thing that i did wrong to mani as she is left with no one and now she is divorced. After one year to that i was still in relationship with neha.. i loved her.. and stayed true to her.. never cheated on her.. and we decided to get married as soon as i complete my engineering... but i told her that i might need sometime to prepare for my UPSC ( india's toughest top brass examination) as this is my dream. She was ok with that. Everything was going smooth, we used to meet almost every month for a week.. were physically intimated... all things were there... i thought she is the one.. but one day she broke up with me... dumped me saying that she wants to be single, and wants to date new people. She left me.. She ignored my calls, my txts, completely. Now this was a real hit... smashed on my face when i found out that just after one week of our break up she is dating some army guy. Went to parties, drinking, getting cozy in every pic (as i saw her facebook profile) That thing which i saw ripped my heart right out of my chest. Cant believe that she would turn out to be a * * * * * . Now i miss her... By every passing moment her memories grew stronger ... I know that she was in contact with that guy when we were together.. This is not happening to me for the first time but why is it hurting me the most? Things were great between us..but she left me.. after break up i am completely devastated... Now i am left alone.. i left my friends because of her, used to spent so little on myself.. always think that how can i make her happy...


People say that don't trust the things your ex girlfriend says to you especially when she cheated on you because they are saying those things out of guilt and fear that you might curse them. Things like i still love you, will be friends, i m doing this to find myself, don't know what i want from my life, etc. They didn't mean or feel anything of these things. The truth is that they cheated on you and they themselves are not ready to accept that. They, anyhow, will find some way to manipulate there true feelings. Anyways I got what i did to mani, not in exactly the same manner, but i got! Karma always strikes back.. ( Karma is a * * * * * )



Mani is marrying again.. (I truly wished this for her) and Neha will marry that army guy some what next year... And what about me... i am not going to fall in love again that's for sure. As I am not the only one who tried to figure out Love... there were many saints, gurus, philosophers, poets who also tried the same but no one succeeded. Now I will take my career seriously and will remain single.


Please dont forget to leave comments below..........................................................thanx

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Just a few points/questions:


have you contacted mani since neha left you?

is mani still waiting for you, and is only marrying for convenience/cultural reasons?

neha did to you what you were going to do to her.

if neha was cheating on you though, it's best you knew before anything got more serious.

I won't comment on the arranged marriage as it's a different culture, but I understand you were in no position to object.

Don't say things like "I'm giving up on love" as you're just hurting. Pain takes time to heal.

Good luck with your degree!

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hey d24,

yes i contacted mani after neha left me... she moved on... n met a really nice guy... and they are planning to get married next month.. i guess she is doing this for both convenience as well for cultural reasons but for one she feels for (that's more important). No she is not waiting for me but she did wait for me to come back for around 7 months...

And my answer to the question related to neha is i did contact her last week, telling her that i love her n would never think of any other girl in my life. Even though i tried to flirt with other girls just to get her out of my head... but everything turns out to be futile. I cant do this with any other girl.. i am being true to myself.. some part of my heart still curse her for what she did to me but other half wishes no harm to her as once she was my shadow... Neha told me that she knew she did wrong and will regret leaving me but i dont believe her as for now... I dont know will she learn her lesson or not but true love is very hard to find.. Don know why i have this feeling that one day she will be in my shoes and will face what i am facing... but still i don wish that for her... i love her... and will continue to.

Thanx d24 for understanding my point... i hope one day this pain will fade away but don know in how much time. And i will keep updating my life over here.


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I think the moral of the story is to follow your heart. I know you may come from a traditional family, but if you truly loved Mani and decided that being her was above all things, if your parents did not approve, you would have married her anyway. They might have been upset at first, but if they love you, they would eventually come around even if it took time and even if it meant that they would cut you off from help with school for awhile or you had to fund it yourself. Parents have a way of coming around on those things, especially when the grandkids come. Even though your heart was still with mani - when she was free and available, you felt duty to Neha even though you did not feel you loved her like Mani. I is noble to want to stay with her out of duty, but she probably had a sense that you did not love her fully after you confessed about mani and she would never fully have your heart.


Do not give up on love - just the next time you truly fall in love with all your heart and you meet a wonderful woman who is perfect for you, that you don't let any other person stop you.

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hey abitbroken,

when i was with neha i was truly with her... feelings for mani faded away.. don know why but they did. Time played a crucial role in my case. With mani time was never right... but with neha everything was right... i felt right. i couldn't take this thing that neha straight away cheated on me... She said," adi.. if you had done the same thing what i have done to you, i would have died." I really don't know what really is going on in her mind. Anyways i am taking this as a call from my karma. My new love is my career and i started lovin' it


thanx for your comment and advice.

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Hey, i think that i am getting over neha.... this feeling is awesome.... as the pain is fading away.


you don't need replys unless there's anything else that happened you want to tell us about? cos it sounds like you've sorted it!



hopefully next time you meet a lady everything will fall into place, just don't give up on love.

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