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coffee with ex?

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I just had coffee with my ex last week, and honestly it was such a bad decision. Sure it was great seeing him and catching up, but as soon as I left him I felt like I went a million steps back in my healing process. I regret seeing him, because I was doing really great, now not so much lol.

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You shouldn't be not calling him because you feel ashamed. You should be not in contact with him because you want to heal from someone that does not want to be with you. Until you make that decision then you are going to keep on making the same decisions and you are still going to stay in touch.

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He won't appreciate you playing games. You started it, and now he's asked you out for coffee. If you back-track then your going to look stupid. You should go and have that coffee.

Um, no. She should be doing what is best for her healing, not what may or not confuse him.

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Its simple.


If he wanted to reconcile he'd tell you, he wouldn't suggest coffee. Trust me, nothing of that nature will be bought up at the coffee.


I would reply and tell him sorry your not interested and that you appologize for calling him, it will not happen again. Than you can go no contact forever.

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SO I just wrote back. I said "hey how are you, coffee could be good?"


He said "Im good I'm jsut heading up to x place"


I said "how long are you going to x place for"


He said "just tomorrow, do you want to come to my house wed or thurs"


I said "no thanks, thought we were having coffee"


he said "I can make instant"


I said "I dont drink instant"


and that was it... obviously he wanted sex, great stupid me.

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I don't think he used you for sex- you chose to have sex with him. If you want to continue to be emotionally attached to him -and risk getting even more attached, then meet him for coffee. Up to you.


He doesn't want coffee, he wants her to go to his house for sex.

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well it might've been nice if we could have been civil but instead I feel like he has no respect for me...


As I said in the PM, I don't quite understand why/how he sees me in such a bad way now...


It is very hurt full that even when I think he is being nice, it seems to be more about sex.

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Well I read coffee, I thought he may have genuinely wanted to see how I was doing?


If you want to -have sex with him, risk pregnancy and STDs, and risk more emotional attachment then you should see him and have sex with him if the sex is worth all those risks. I'm not sure where the confusion is.

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