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I thought the pressure would only start after 30...


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This has been the 'you should start thinking about finding a husband' week. I really don't know why, I'm pretty happy on my own, and whenever I want sex I know who to call.


I have friends (most of them are married or getting married, and with kids on the way, but I'm not particularly bothered by it), a job, prospective education for some more 7 years or so (and more, as I keep adding extra courses to my wishlist), and I'm always on the loop and interacting with people. One would never look at me and fastforward to a lifetime of lonely sorrow for singleness. Or at least so I thought, since my boss, my mother and my choir's maestro took the last three days to spend some idle time asking about my love life and that maybe I should be spending more time looking for a potential husband. I know that having a relationship is great, but... I'm just 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why should I be expected to be caring about it now?

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I agree....24 is still *quite* young.


People get married at all ages. I saw the first "wave" of marriages and engagements happen around when I turned 21. I'm sure I'll see another "wave" of them in the near future when I finish college.


It's just a classic case of "Well I'm doing this and so-and-so is doing this...WHY AREN'T YOU??" Just ignore them and enjoy your life as it is!

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Personally at 24 you should do everything you can to explore your life to the fullest. People are in a rush to find their mate and get married without realizing they have another 60+ years to live. The last thing you want to do is rush things and end up with the wrong people.

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@Fudgie yeah, that's pretty much my mindset... I'm just wondering what got in their heads to be spending time trying to convince me to step into a relationship.


@He2Him - we all pretty much know that when girls reach their 30's single, people around just start wondering and even asking straight out why aren't they in relationships yet (that's where the numbers came from). I'd like to see your point of view, that's what I'm here for. but if you need my opinion before stating yours, I feel the big issue is the fact that I dislike nosy people trying to tell me what I should or not do with my life. But then again, I like and respect them all, so maybe if I could understand their reasons, I would be able to communicate better with them so they can see my reasons and stop pushing the subject down my throat. and why wouldn't I be honest here, of all places?


@sidehop precisely!!!!

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