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How can you tell if he's interested?


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I have been talking to this guy who lives about 8 hrs away from me... I had to call his company regarding a project at work, but he ended up sending me his linkedIn and asking for my facebook (even though he doesnt have fb at the moment)


For the last month... we have been chatting online on average every other day, sometimes it could be quite short, but sometimes we would chat for hours until 1 in the morning , although both of us have to work the next day.


He has told me many times taht he finds me very attractive from the few pics we have exchanged. But he has never said anything out of line (never expressed want to be more than friends).


He would ask me personal questions anything from favorite drink to my height.....


In a way I think he is interested... is genuinely trying to get to know me...


but sometimes I would think he isn't interested in me at all considering he hasnt expressed he would like to be more than friends...


Please comment.... what do you think?

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Just enjoy talking to him! Cross the relationship bridge when you get there (hopefully after you meet in person since there's many nonverbal elements that contribute to attraction). It's okay to get to know someone with little or no expectations of anything coming from it. If nothing else, you might learn new things from a new friend.


An issue that most of us humans have is that we freak out when it comes to the unknown, and instantly feel driven to explain or label the most insignificant of things. You don't need to, especially this soon!

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the last time we chatted was on friday... and he was telling me how he is tempted to come and visit me.. and how attracted he is to me...


I sent him a casul message on Sunday, but his status was away... and today I just sent him another casual message asking how his weekend was, once again he didn't reply, and his status was online but about 20 mins later he signed offline...


what is happening.? what kind of game is he playing? or did he just lose interest?

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I think you should just leave things be and if he does ever get back to you, tell him that you are interested in meeting in person, and whether he would be open to the idea. If he is, and he asks you out, then great. If not, I think you should cut this cyber relationship, because you have feelings for him.

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Am I paranoid or is he playing games?


I was "appearing offline"... then he went online but I was busy so I appeared Online 10 mins later but he has already left... but the second I was appearing online... he went back online..


I messaged him... no reply... 20 mins later he went offline.... so eventually I finished talking to some friends I went back to "appearing offline"...


I went back online a bit later... once again... he was online maybe 2 mins after I was on.... but ended up leaving 5 mins later..?


Why is he goign online right after I'm on??? but end up ignoring me or leaving few mins after?

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Stop trying to contact him. Don't you have better things to do? He may not even be interested in you anyway.


maybe I should have clarified. I only contacted him once, I was referring to the same isntance in the 2 posts.


I went online because I was also chatting with my other friends. and thats how I notices how he logs on/off

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i woudlnt say i'm madly in love with him, but definitely smittened by how nice he has been. and 9/10 times he's the one who msgs me..... and he was the one that asked for my personal contacts when I spoke to him for work


I guess the answer is.... somewhat... but I'm not going to the extra miles at this point to say I want to pursue him no matter what

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