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Update on myself and thanks :)

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Well its been 2 months since i decided to let go and move on. We broke up in january and i went on a romantic crusade for 4 months to prove my ex that love was still possible, that another chance was worth it and so on...

I was in a great deal of pain, heartbroken and lost.

I never did any desperate things like drunk calling, proclaiming my love for her in crazy ways, clingyness etc.... I knew that was not the way to my goal.

I respected her, gave her space and did my best, gave my all...for 4 months. When i finally saw in her eyes that there was no coming back, that she didnt love me anymore and that i didnt deserve that kind of treatment i DECIDED!

Yes you have to decide, you have to know that its time to move on. Why did i endure 4 months of pain, axiety and a huge amount of uncertainty? well i had to do it, i had to know that there was nothing i could possibly say or do that would change her mind.


2 months gone by since i stop trying and started to write, read ENA. You know there are better days than others ofcourse but the hardest part (that one that makes you fell you are a piece of s*it) is no longer in me. I had to learn to love myself alone and that world keeps on spinning. I am worth it, YOU are worth it. My first breakup and i survived it.


I have have still a long way to go but yes im retaining the experience, im more mature about relationships and i'm finally starting be once again emotionally available to another person that will cross my future.


ENA many thanks to you all that helped me, shared your experiences and advised me. It's great and helped me a lot through my worst.


Everyone posting here know this...it does matter!


I'll stick arround here ofcourse and hope to do the same for you

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