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hey guys


So let me start with my story iam 18 years old female and last month i started relationship with a guy online we met through chatting room and got along very well i really liked him and he also did.We both from the same countries but he moved to Russia to study medicine and i moved to london to do my Alevels and then carry on to higher education, he is 20 years old,he is an amazing person,but there are some problems firstly we are not gonna meet each other because he cant come london and i cant go russia to see him ,there is no way that we are going meet, so when we came to this point and realized that we are not going to meet soon and we have to wait until he finishes uni so he can move to here and live together i really couldn't see the point of us carrying on with this relationship which is like a friendship because we are not gonna meet each other or go out so i dont wanna hang myself with someone that i'm not going to see next year or this year ,there is no point ,at the same time he loves me soo much and he is not willing to let go he is crazy about me and he says he will not find a girl like me etc he is absolutely in love with me , and how he is willing to do everything just to get me, so what i did is i made up this story of how this guy asked me out and i said yes and we gonna have to leave each other and there is no chance that we will stay together because i promised the other guy and told him that i liked him blah blah .

Anyway when i said this to him he started crying like a baby i felt so bad i just couldnt see him going through this pain because of me ,then he said but you can carry on with me ,and your boyfriend wouldn't know this i replied and said this is called cheating i cant do that we have to stop our relationship and move on so after all of that he didnt stop crying ,i felt like a * * * * * i just couldn't believe what i said i know i was harsh but he has to move on and find someone else, then he said ok good luck with your life i wish you all the best because you deserve it and i will love you forever and wait for you,then the next day i was online he sent this to me

Him have a very good news i might be moving to London i can start medicine in London again and I'm doing all of this just for you " ,so i replied back and said yay i hope this will happen ,then we talked for a bit and i said goodbye its time to go when u come london let me know .

So this happened last friday and i didnt talk to him since then ,but he sent me a text yesterday saying its been 48 hours since we talked and he cant take this anymore i need you please come back .


I'm losing my mind i don't know what to do i love him but i cant carry on i dont like this online relationships i just dont see the point help me please

i didnt tell this to my parent or any one older, my friends are saying i should carry on with him but i'm just soo confused

i'm lost ,and he also said he will wait for me forever and will never forget me ?

guys i need your help plz write what you think or what would u do in my position ??

i'm in a complete mess



Thank you so much.

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This has helped me in the past. Ask yourself this question.


"If he broke up with me, how would I feel?"


This eliminates the guilt of ending a relationship and helps you focus on your real feelings. If the relief outweighs the sadness then it's probably time to let him go.


I've been in long distance relationships before and I can see why you don't want to continue this online. The distance can really make you overanalyze everything. I also think you need to be honest with him about how you feel before he makes any major life changes to be near you.


Just remember, in order for a relationship to work, BOTH people have to be happy. You have to do what's right for you. And if you're unhappy, you're not doing him any favors by staying with him.


PS. Your friends aren't the ones in the relationship. You can certainly go to them for advice, but in the you're going to have to follow your heart. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find happiness.

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