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So her friend was flirting with me...


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... I was at Anna's informal 21st birthday party (my friends sister, the one I've got feelings for), and it was a joint bday party with her workmate/friend who is a single mum a couple of years older than me. And it was this same workmates house the party was being held at. I was tipsy whilst Anna and her friend were getting pretty damn drunk. Anna's only 21 and though she was giggly and stumbling a bit, she was quite a sensible, coherent drunk unlike her older friend who was acting quite 'out there'.


Earlier on in the evening she said I could crash there for the night if I wanted, but a few drinks later into the evening she had progressed to suggesting multiple times that I can sleep in the middle of her bed between Anna and Her. She also tried kissing at Anna at one point to which Anna responded, laughing "No thankyou, I'm straight! Very Straight!"


Anna may have been drunk also but she was was clearly still embarrassed by her friends behavior and past midnight when I was the last guest left and Anna's friend was yet again suggesting the same thing, to which Anna suggested to me bemusedly "I think you'd better get going now, while you still can!" Which was fine by me. Flattered as I was, getting it on with Anna's workmate was not on my agenda at all, and I could tell even drunk Anna didn't seem too keen on the idea of me hooking up with her workmate either. Anna is the one I care about and have for a long time, but even if it was her making the moves instead it would be taking advantage when a girl has had a few too many.


Talk about irony - I've been in love with a shy girl for ages... Then her not-so-shy older friend who I've only just met has the hots for me.


I haven't caught up again with Anna since last night's party... Even though I'm not sure she has feelings for me as I do for her, I hope she didn't think I was hoping to hook up with her workmate. How should I let her know this, or should I say anything at all?

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