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i dont know what hurts worse .missing her or knowing she doesnt miss me


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ok....heres my story .....im a really shy guy an cant really talk to girls ... ive known this girl for my whole life (lets call her kim_ an i always have had feelings for her even when i didnt know whtat they ment my mother an hers were friends before we were born an we grew up togeather it was around when we were in 8th grade when i realized i loved her an that she had an interest in me we tried going out but wernt ready for it an she broke it off i was a little hurt but i tried to move on dated some other girl for about a year thought i found love again( she turned out to be a * * * * * in the end ) i was still kinda crushed when she left me but thats when i started talking to kim again an we got aquainted again she stayed at my house alot but never really showed an intrest in me again like she had before but then one night she asked me to lay with her cuz she was cold but it was like hot in the house but i did anyway an we fell asleep togeather an for like a month we did the same thing every weekend till i finally built up the nerve to ask her out again .....at the time she said she wasnt ready for a commit ment i was hurt but we still would cuddle an fall asleep togeather so i was kinda ok till one night i stayed at her house we layed on the couch togeather an were watching scary moves she had gotten scared an turned her head towards mine i laughed a lil but then i looked into her eyes an that moment seemed to last forever then we just both kinda leaned in an i kissed her for the first time three nights later she called me in the middle of the night an said she wanted to be with me an we became bf an gf i was over joyed things were going great for about 5 months i felt like the luckiest guy in the world ...then one day she said she just didnt feel the same way ...i was crushed ....all i could do is cry an ask y .....she said she needed time to think about what she wanted in life she swore it would only be about a week ....so i said ok an tried to stop crying .... a week passed an she said she still didnt know but she still came over an we did all the things we did when we were togeather .....but i stared to feel used an eventually she stoped talking to me stoped coming over an for awhile i thought id be ok again ....but now once again everywhere i look i see her face an everyting makes me think of her .....ive tried txting her an talking to her but she never replies her life seems to be going great now that im gone....no i feel like i just wasnt good enough ...an i dont know what hurts worse .......that i miss her or that i know she doesnt miss me .......

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jonben, i feel for you but sadly to say, its time to move forward and let things cool off for now. save up your dignity and bite the bullet, stop contacting her and meanwhile, work on yourself. It is understandable for all of us to start doubting out self worth when a relationship doesn't work out, but remember we are all unique in our own ways.

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I know exactly how you feel mate, I'm in the same position that she won't text me back, won't tell me what's going on and going by her facebook status's she's just not bothered one bit, or missing me one bit.


I have ow been NC since Tuesday night, it's been hard to not contact her, but it's for the best and I'm slowly starting to feel a bit better.


Now and then I get this massive urge to contact her, but it soon passes, I just come here if I'm feeling a little upset/down to get it all off my chest.

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I'm having the exact same feelings: missing him and he isn't missing me.


From going to daily emails to zero contact over the last month is gut wrenching.


He used to check email daily, however at the break up he said in a clear definite tone: I do not check email anymore.




Still trying to wade through the unhappiness.


My thoughts are with you in this trying time.

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From going to daily emails to zero contact over the last month is gut wrenching. -Bunny45


This is exactly my problem! My ex and I communicated in some way every day for six months, and then nothing, because she moved-on to someone else. Understandable that that would happen, but it still leaves an enormous hole in your life.


And, yes, it sucks even worse that, no matter how much I miss my ex, and no matter how big the hole is, she doesn't miss me.

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