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Donating my life

final fantasy

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I feel hopeless, lonely, empty, sad,...I pushed some of the most important people in my life away, I feel ungrateful of life....I know there is people who is in need of organs donation....but what I want to donate is my life, I don't want to live anymore...I'm tired of thinking...I'm tired of life, anyone know where or how I can donated my life?

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Organ donation is a way of donating your life. But why don't you go and get help for your depression instead? You could live and prosper even and one day look back on these feelings and be like "what was I thinking?" I've had my own moments but I also fear checking that box for organ donation because then I worry God might decide my organs are better suited to someone else. But those are my own crazy thoughts.

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Volunteer at an animal shelter, hospital, day care, church, homeless shelter, become a big brother or sister, anything but as long give something away you will get something back in return that will start filling your emptiness and loneliness. Although I don't know the extent of your emptiness I can say I just got dumped after two years so at the very least I know what its like to be empty. I'll keep you in my thoughts, gl

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anyone know where or how I can donated my life?


Yes. There's a good way to donate your life.


The problem with the organ donation route is that it's a one-time offer. You get your organs harvested and that's it. Done. I know that sounds appealing, but there's a way that you can make yourself the gift that keeps giving (donating) instead.


Decide that you are going to focus on the hopelessness, loneliness, emptiness and sadness of others instead of your own.


And then find organizations that focus on alleviating and reducing those problems. There are many of them out there. Some of them require training, which will take your mind off your current feelings of defeat and failure, and instead point your attention towards acquiring a skill that will be applied to an area of specialization that appeals to you -- be that working with endangered children, the elderly, substance abuse, or homelessness. There are innumerable options where you're needed.


Even the environment needs you -- plastic has glutted the waterways, dangerous chemicals have entered the food supply and air, many animals are near extinction, and the climate changes that are occurring require educators and innovators -- which you might consider joining the forces of.


Even if you've pushed the most important people in your life away -- the future is an open book, an unwritten unknown (start seeing this a bit like an adventure novel, even in your current state -- because it is) and at some point, when you can see yourself in a more worthy light, you'll have the strength and ambition to rebuild those bridges. If not -- and if they are bridges burned -- you can build new bridges, with new people who become the most important people in your life. As one moves on in life, new people are SUPPOSED to come along, and relationships, as living entities, change.


I know how it feels to be that tired of life. But that tiredness mysteriously starts to lift when you expend your energy on things that don't all relate to you and your problems, and the story you're dragging around every waking minute. When you help reduce those feelings and dark emotions in others...you will see them reduced in yourself. It's kind of magical.


The only time you can't build another bridge is when you're terminally ill.


And you're only that in your mind.


But there is so much life and time left in you.


I would suggest you donate that to the world.

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As others said. Donating organs is one time shot. Instead make it your goal to heal yourself and donate yourself through your efforts to make lives of others better. I know it may sound like a cliche, but helping others is the best meaning of life there ever was.

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I hate to break it to you, but in some methods of suicide, they can't use some of your organs anyways afterwards. That's the reality. They could be drugged or contaminated and if no one finds you for awhile, they cannot be used. It only really works if you die in a hospital of natural causes most of the time. And if you don't have a donor card, they can't take any organs. That's the harsh reality to let you know that your plan probably won't work. So please, talk to someone. Your life is valuable and worth living.


If you really want to donate, donate blood or get on the bone marrow registry. They can take a bone marrow donation with you being alive and it could save a life - several lives. It dosn't work when you are dead. You could even save a child you don't know, or a relative.Also, if someone is a match for a kidney - like a relative - that could save a life too.

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I feel the same way you do. I dont want to live anymore. My life is a mess. I have no place to go, no job, 34 yrs old female, divorced. It seems I ruin every relationship with good men, I make them not good. I once thought I was a lucky woman. Now I have nothing and no one. I feel played. I have just been living without any purpose or goals. The few dreams I have had have been broken over and over again.

There is a mom and Dad I love that will be broken when I go, but I just cant tolerate my miserable endless life. I want to do something valuable with it and donate every part of me to someone that really has a desire to live life fully as one should.

Where can I go for something like this? How do I do this? I am healthy and I am sure many people would love my parts.


as for you lonely guy... I understand you perfectly.

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