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Just had a great night out with my mates, knew the girl I had been dating in march/april was out too. she's moved on cos I told her too but still has feelings for me. (see my other posts for details)


I knew she was out and as there is only 2 decent bars to end the night in chances of running into her were high, didn't see her in the bar I ended up in so knew she'd be in the other. The other bar is down the road from the bar i was in and next to the fastfood place, so I walked past the other bar and had a peak in the window couldn't see her in there but I saw her mates and one of them saw me looking through the window and told the others. So annoyed with myself now spent the whole night wanting to talk to her but deleted her number and I resisted posting on her wall. Then I went n messed up the NC by letting her mates see me looking for her. FFS, dnt even know if she was in there if she was she was alone!!


Does this count as a point against NC or will it work in my favour??


What you people think?? I had it in my head that NC would work for me and be relatively easy now I am extremely doubtful of it working or been easy!!!



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Um, if her mates see you looking through a window and assume that you're looking for her, that's their problem. There are numerous other reasons you could have been looking in there.


And how is NC supposed to be working, exactly? To help yourself move on or to bring her back? It seems to be working if you're focusing on the former, which is what you should be doing.

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