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Don't you feel the same way as me?


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Hey everyonee,

I don't know why.. But often I just feel like everytime I begin dating someone or being interested in someone, I always have doubt towards the person like being afraid of vulnerability, that the person is playing games...

Without being conceited, A lot of guys are after me and wanting to be with me and people are telling me that I could get any guy I want.

The thing is, even though the guy is after me and texting me, I always want him to be after me to be sure he really isn't playing games ( saying something and after for it to be not true..)

So I wanted to know what you think.. and guys.. When you want to be with a girl, do you wait for her to show signs and text you?..



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I'm steady about things and consistent. I don't have a problem initating interest, but I also want to make sure that it's appreciated and reciprocated. I will not invest my time into anyone who is too proud or too prideful to do that.

Okay but like would you wait for the girl to ask to hang out more often or will you ask her?

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