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He's won. Game over

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He has won. He is probably out with someone else right now having a great time. Im stuck at home on a Saturday night. He lied. He used me. He sponged off me. He took my heart and he chewed it up and spat it out. 2 and a half months down the line and im still pining. So yeah, he has won. And its game over. I will never get over him. I know that in my heart. He is an awful excuse for a human being. And still I sit here wishing I was with him. I dont know how to get past this. I dont think I will ever get over him.

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I know what it's like to feel like you won't get over someone. They were "special, unique, you can't look at another guy the same way, you had a connection". Trust me, you will move past it, I am close to 6 months post breakup and I feel great. Sure, sometimes I am lonely and think it would be nice to cuddle someone, but the difference is "someone"- meaning, not him. I was miserable for a long time, but trust that a change will take place. You'll notice someone is attractive, you might step out of your compfort zone and converse with them, you'll consider dating again.


I know it feels rough right now, but it gets better. I felt like I was going to die after my breakup, I begged I pleaded, he could give 2 * * * * s. I felt physical pain in my heart, I cried endlessly into my pillow and prayed every night the lord would change his mind. And it worked, last month he wanted me back, and the words I never thought would escape my mouth months ago, said it would never work out. I turned him down. Because life is good, I might not have a special someone (I may have crushes)- but the point is I don't need him, or anyone, to determine my happiness. You'll get there, time really does heal.

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But its like 1 step forward, 20 steps back. I can go for a few days feeling 'ok' and then bam it hits me and it feels like the day we broke up all over again. And I can only remember the good stuff. The bad stuff which far outweighs the good stuff doesnt seem to matter. I dont know what to do. I have never had a break up so bad.

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Me and him to begin with was like the stuff that movies are made of. Seriously. All that love at first sight, fate, destiny whatever you wanna call it, we had it. We really did. And its come to this. I am nothing, discarded, he couldnt give a s**t. And I thought that we were bigger than that. I thought we had it all. And to me it was worth fighting for.

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It happened...you can be a victim of it, or a volunteer. The choice is yours


It's hard, but re read your description of him. Be happy someone like that is no longer in your world.


Be thankful for the world and life around you. Blind people can't see it....you can form a sentence and a thought, there are those that cannot, you can breathe freely, some require a machine,

Your heart was broken, some are waiting to have a heart that can be broken..


Be happy for the moments you have, and do not despair over the moments you didn't have....


Try to smile, its hard because we are so worried about whats to come of us, you cant predict the future, the now is the moment you are in...this moment, make it a good moment, with a smile, its all downhill from there



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He always ran away. When we had a minor disagreement he would just disappear, not text, or phone, or answer calls. Then after 5 weeks or so would suddenly get in touch and we would get back together. This happened about 4 times til the last time, I was fed up of it, and I finished it. Because he had done the usual, minor disagreement, not a big huge argument with a screaming match or anything, just a disagreement that most couples would talk about and sort out. He got in touch as usual and I was trying to sort it out but he seemed totally indifferent. So because the 'indifference' was hurting me, I took the bull by the horns and said that if he really wanted to be with me he would be, and I ended it. Probably more to get a reaction. But I havent had a reaction and its been 2 and a half months now.

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