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He got my name wrong after one date? ;)


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Hey all,


I went out on a date on Thursday with a really nice guy. We talked for a few hours and at the end of the date, he kissed me goodbye. He seemed to really like me, and he said he'd be busy all day Friday, so I didn't expect a call back or anything. He did text me to make sure I got home okay.


Anyway, today I texted him just to tell him I hoped he was doing okay. He texted back right away saying that he was busy doing an online course (he just stated a medical residency, so that is reasonable). He said we'd talk later, but he got my name wrong in his message, lol. Granted, he did use my middle name (which is on my email), but still, does that just mean he's not interested at all?

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Many, many people are hopeless at remembering names - including ones where you'd think this would come automatically. My favourite is meeting someone and thinking "they look like a (whatever - insert name of choice here)" and then having to make an almighty effort NOT to call them by the name I think they ought to have, and by their real one. I wouldn't give this particular incident a second thought - unless you want to make a joke of it at a later stage.


And good luck with that second date!

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See if he gets your name right when you guys meet. I'd give him another shot. Susan/Sara is close enough. Plus he's a resident, they are the dogs of the hospital and super stressed, so I'd let him go just this once. See if he continuously calls you Susan or not. I once met a girl who I thought was named Jackie because I misheard her speak as she was a burista working the esperesso machine. Next day when I asked her out, I looked at her name tag and saw it as Katie. It doesn't sound like you're upset about it. If you wanna mess with him, let him call you Susan all night on your next date, and at the end of it, ask him, "who's Susan?" He'll respond, "aaaah, you?"

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Unfortunately, because you started pursuing him, you really can't assume he's interested because he responded to your text. He used the wrong name, and then dismissed you.


It's one thing to say someone is bad with names, but you had a date with this guy, and she still doesn't know who you are? Not impressed.

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