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Caring about people who don't care about you?

Ms Insecure

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I was wondering if any of you have ever experienced this or have this quality about you. This is something that I tend to do, so it's more of a quality, really. Is it because the people who care are too nice? I've been trying to understand this and get rid of it. What is the psychology behind this????

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I think that is not fully underatanding of her character....it is perfectly fine to care about someone that doesn't care about you....maybe you are a kind person who despite being hurt, fB show true compassion and understanding for those who cause you to suffer....they are suffering to.


Codependancy is when you don't take care of youraelf first because your too involved in others life, their problems and the pain they have, thus losing your health, emotions and mentality in the process...which cause more pain because then you feel cheated that you cannot get back what you put in.


If you are a compassionate and underatanding person, then thats good, as long as you can understand other may not see the same as you, this may cause you pain, but it is important to accept the indifference and not let it bring you down, perhaps they can't or are too stubborn to understand....try to come to an awareness and understanding of why these people are not caring.

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There are two thoughts that go with this. First, it's said that you have to give in order to receive. So this would suggest that it's okay to give or care to a lot of people without expecting anything in return right away. They say that karma will pay back. If you don't expect much in return, you won't get stressed over this. Having said that, don't give so much that it saps you.


The second thing is that you should always treat those who do give back like gold. That is, the ones who reciprocate are the folks you want to be associated with. These are the real genuine people. So it's quite okay to treat them in a higher level. This is analogous to what good businesses do. They service everyone at first but of course treat their real customers like gold. Just do this in your personal life too.

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