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so ive been dating this girl for a few months but its complicated. she hasnt told her mom about me yet because were from different faiths. She already knows she wont accept. Her mom knows me and likes me but wont be fond of the idea of us dating. It hurts like hell! its 2011 its like come on already! But what bothers me is when she comes over my parents are so open minded and treat her like gold and she loves it. but i hate the fact she has to lie to her mom if shes out with me and what not. I really like this girl, too. She has told me that she doesnt care what her mom thinks and shes going to continue to see me. She keeps telling me its not about her its about us. But its just a sad feeling to know her mom knows im a great guy but because we are different faiths its outta the question but again my parents adore her. I just cant believe how ignorant people are these days. I try to let it not bother me but i cant help it. Every time i see her mom shes gotta bring up some guy that hopefully her daughter will marry and shes always telling me to find a girl and get married. I also feel guilty lieing to her mom about me and her daughter but i dont wanna lose her. please help!

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