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Hi All,


Last week I posted on here about my ex, we have been broken up 5 weeks now and have been LC... I said in my other post i would like to get back with him as we broke up on really god terms and he was confused and seemed to be going through something strange in his life right now. Hes been on a downer the last 8 weeks.


Last weekend his nan died, and he was pretty upset about it (as you would be), ive given him a few txs to see how he is doing and letting him know im here for him. We also work together in the same company although our paths dont cross that much with work business.


I had a job interview on thurs which he knew about and an hour before i was due to leave he emailed me saying 'good luck, im sure you will do great xx'. The next day (yesterday) about 10am i got another email saying 'How did you get on? x'. As it happens it went ok ish but my nerves got to me and i mumbled on! I told him how it went and about my nerves and he replied being really encouraging about how not to worry if you dont get it, theres others out there, his words were really nice. We then coninued to email back and forth for the afternoon with general banter and light hearted joking. It was really nice to have a joke with him and was how we acted when we were together. When home time came he ended the email with 'im off now, but have a good weekend xxx'


Now am i reading too much into this? Might this be a good sign that we have been communicating again? Im not a person to start getting my hopes up and do realise he could have just been a friend. Any tips on what to do next ?


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Ah, how lovely. He sounds interested but doesn't want to seem to forward about it. Maybe give it a little bit of time to see how the messages go, if they're still the same supportive "xxx" msgs, then ask him for a coffee, or a catch up. Nothing can go wrong that way


Take it slow, you seem smart enough to know what's real and what's not. Just give it time to see if it continues and act from there. You can do it! =D

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