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Hi Everyone,


Heres My Story,


I am in the process of going threw a divorce(seperation stage) I thought it would be nice to find a person to hang out with since live in a small town not alot of people.. I met this girl thought nothing of it at first, first time meeting we went to coffee as friends, no biggie, then she wanted to cuddle me , hug me etc, didnt see anything wrong with that as she assured me shes a slow mover and that it would take time to open up now second date she kisses me, I look forward to seeing her I light up when I hear her name


I dont love my wife am I wrong to be doing this, its been about 5 months since been out of the marriage booted me many times before signing seperation papers any day now still have to wait for the 1 year mark

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Meh, I don't see that you're doing anything wrong. You're separated and in the process of a divorce. I wouldn't worry about this being considered cheating - at all. These legal things take time. And, you've probably been emotionally withdrawn from your wife for far more than 5 months.


Now, as far as the prospect of this new relationship lasting...I'd bet it will turn out to be a rebound. But that's the subject of another thread.

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No you are not at wrong for wanting to be loved. I am in similar situation. My problem is that me and husband are having problems and I fell inlove with other man. I never met him just comunicated for monthes all day. It is very hard to deal with. He was the only man that I loved and was ready to end marriage. I still ache for him. When husband found out my love had to end until divorce is final.

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