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A Few Questions (Help again?)


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As written in my first thread, my problem with Matthew ended badly. I am still his friend, and we've pretty much forgotten the whole ordeal that has come to pass, but I have still felt this tension between us that I can't quite find the reason for. But I digress...


Anyways, so me and Matthew have continued to hang, and I try my hardest not to bring anything up, or tell anyone. He does the same. After things basically shifting back to the norm, he decided he wanted to hang with me. I needed to shop for some stuff anyways, so he joined me for the day. We went downtown, and wondered for a bit, he talked about his life and we discussed some friends of ours(mostly his, I don't know them very well) and found the things I was looking for. After a while, we went down to walk around my elementary school to pass the time. Somehow we ended up bringing up Gregory, our friendship with him, and eventually the weekend they spent with me.


At the topic, I had flared up in temperature. While Matthew may not be the best looking man ever, I still feel something for him but we made it partway through the conversation without me babbling up things better left unsaid. Towards the end of the convo, the part between me and him, he flirted slightly, which kicked in my nature extremely playful nature(which I guess I should be/am ashamed of). I flirted back heavily, to which he responded with equal force.


At some point between all the banter, we kissed again, which eventually turned into a heavy make-out session. After a bit of moving around lots of talking, me constantly putting on and removing my glasses, dry humping, and borderline sex and a hickey everyone's asking me about he left home. I do admit that it was very pleasurable, and for a man, I felt very aroused by him.


We kept that quiet too and I barely saw him the next day, which was good. I could prevent myself from exploding. I talked to him a bit here and there, and some stuff between me and my friend Taylor went on(If u wanna know, tell me) and later I went to the movies with another friend and Matthew. During the movie, he'd slyly stroke my leg and thigh, slipping me looks when our friend wasn't looking. When he left the room for a few moments, Matthew kissed me lightly, and took my hand, stroking it, during the rest of the movie. I've never been more confused by him.


Is he trying to tell me something? Is he interested in me, more than just a lay? ](*,) I keep getting these mixed signals, he says we're "friends with benefits" but then he goes and holds me close and almost tenderly. What do I do? I am not going to confront him face to face, blunt and all, but I do want to know a way to understand if I'm being played.


Please, advice?

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IMO he's playing you. Most fwb's are and always will be just that... about the closeness and lovey stuff, it could be that he just likes to do that or that he's doing it on purpose to keep you in the game and give you hope of something more than fwb.


I think you have that "maybe he will change thing/i can change him" thing going on here.


If he wanted more than fwb, I think he would say so, he doesn't even sound particularly shy. Or if not say, he could've kissed you when that friend of yours was there with you guys in the movies.


Hope I helped.

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