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Chatted with a guy I really like


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But there's a but. He says he's never met anyone on-line before and although he brought up meeting me he didn't secured the meeting. I've got a few other guys in the wings, one I chatted with tonight that I'm cutting loose, another my mom is pushing me towards that I'm not all that interested in.


However this other guy and I really clicked on-line, and he's totally attractive, and he's relocating to MN from TX although he's from MI. We have things in common, lots of things in common, he kept telling me during the chat how much he liked me (which I admit was a little unusual). Guess I'm wondering from those on-line daters out there what my chances are?


He was actually in MN right now until tomorrow looking for a place to live, not sure when he's coming back didn't ask that question. It was getting late and I was getting tired of chatting. He never did ask for a phone number though we exchanged e-mails. But I'm interested and I don't know how to play this. Should I e-mail him or wait for him to e-mail me?


I tried catching him on chat tonight but that didn't happen. I really really like this guy and I almost never like a guy. He sings, he used to be in a band, he's just such a dream guy. I want to get to know him more. But I'm feeling discouraged since he wasn't in chat tonight, and hasn't e-mailed. But maybe he's discouraged by me, but honestly that wouldn't stop a guy if he's truly interested would it?


I need help with this one. I'm hoping he doesn't get away.

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That's a little strange. I've done online dating (I'm actually dating someone who I met online). If you feel comfortable enough, I'd give him your number and ask him to call you. Although he does need to man-up and initiate something, but if you feel a connection, throw him a bone. I always do one phone call before a first date, usually the day before.


Another approach you could take is to just wait for him a day or two and see if he tries contacting you. In online dating, guys (and girls) are talking to multiple people. If after a few days he doesn't message you, move on. Honestly, he should initiate something.

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Agree, just like you, he's no doubt talking to multiple people. And also keep in mind, he's relocating. Arranging things, finding an apartment or house, packing and moving. It...it sucks. Being so busy, he's no doubt off his game in other areas. I'd give him a day or two. You don't want to push him when his life is upside down. Good luck.

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