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I feel like I have lost all of my friends

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So here it is, another Friday night, and I have nothing to do. For the past few months I have felt as though I have only hung out with the same 2-3 people, and all they want to do is play video games which to be honest I am not much of a fan of anymore. I want to get out there, have fun, see the world, risk my life etc etc...


But everyone I try to contact to see if they want to hang out either never responds to me or always tells me they have prior plans. I feel like I am "that guy", that person in every group who no one likes to be around. But I don't understand why! I think I am fun, outgoing, nice, loyal...why wouldn't someone want to be around me? Granted at times I am shy, and I don't really like going up to a girl in a bar/club to "pick her up" (my friends sometimes make fun of me that I never make a move...who cares?), but should that really be counted against me? I am 24 and am in the prime of my life, and I am also in that age where most of my friends have moved away.


I have been finding myself going out by myself, going to book stores, visiting the library, joining a running group, going to the gym, relaxing in populated places...but its always the same! No one ever wants to just hang or even be my friend.


A friend of mine who I have known all my life today suggested a BBQ, and I said sure, Ill call the "guys" up. When the 4 guys we generally do things with said they were busy today, my friend told me "Dang, you really don't have many other friends do you?" It kind of hurt to be honest, having someone say that to me...but is he right?


Right now I just feel really lonely...

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