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should he choose me over his friend?


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I just wanted to get your guys opinion on this real quick,


I am leaving for vacation on Monday and will be gone for two months. My bf said he wants to spend every day with me until I leave. My bf has a friend, Mike, who lives four hours away from him. He comes back every few weeks to visit family. On Saturday he just so happens to be coming back. I asked my bf if we are hanging out Saturday and he said no because Mike is coming into town. I think it is assumed we would hang out Sunday, but he said no for Saturday.


Is this messed up? Although we are hanging out Sunday, I feel like he should want to spend as much time as possible with me before I leave, and should see me Saturday too. He just saw Mike a few days ago and Mike will be back into town in a few weeks.

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Thing is this. You're going to be gone for 2 months - one extra day isn't going to make a difference, and you're going to see him on Sunday anyway. In my opinion you should focus on the positives so you don't feel negative about this vacation before it's even started.

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I think he's making the right call. You may gone for just two months but he's firned he knows is 4 hours away and only sees sporadically. I assume after the two months you will come back? Yeah it sucks but you can either a) get on bored or b) spend the last few days you have together holding a grudge against him.

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