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Meeting his friends VERY early in a relationship.


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So, I went on my first date with a pretty awesome dude this Wednesday, and he and hit it off -- tons of chemistry and fun, and it's definitely something I can see lasting for a while. We discussed our mutual awesome feelings about each other, and we both seem super-excited.


This Sunday he's invited me to go to an amusement park with him and his closest friends. This will be our second time hanging out. Even though I'm excited to have a fun day with cool people, I have a few concerns.


1) What's the best way to approach his friends/how do I make this not awkward? After all, having been on one date we're definitely not boyfriend and girlfriend yet, but we also have romantic feelings about each other.


2) Is meeting his friends this early something I should be concerned about?


3) Do you have any other advice for making a positive first impression with the besties of a guy I'm barely dating but really, really digging?


Thank you so much for your help.

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1) I would just be yourself. Yes, that's cliche and generic but people say it so much cause it's true. I can understand why you wouldn't want things to be awkward though - I mean, you're just getting to know this guy yourself so things aren't 100% comfortable with him, let alone with his friends. Just be friendly and polite and be interested in getting to know them.


2) I don't think you need to be concerned about this at all. In fact, the opposite. I think it's nice that he's invited you to meet his friends already. It shows that he thinks you are fun and wants to see if his friends will also approve.


3) Like I said above, just have fun, be easy going and go with the flow. If plans change, be flexible. And I really stress showing an interest in people. Otherwise you come off cold and like you could care less. I'm sure you wouldn't come off that way anyway, but sometimes we aren't aware of the vibe we're giving off.


I've been dating a guy for a couple weeks and I met his friends very early on, as well. I am naturally shy so I prepared myself for the meeting by telling myself that I needed to be talkative. I basically just gave myself a pep talk and it really helped. Conversation flowed naturally and easily and we had fun with them. They told me themselves they really liked me and approved of me for their friend. We didn't do anything too exciting either, just sat down together and had a fast food meal. Even now I hang out with them probably once a week and I just act how I would around anyone.


Good luck and have fun with your new guy

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^^ Yep, just be yourself. Make sure you show an interest in his friends, and try to keep the conversation going, as appropriate. Being at an amusement park, there should be plenty of fun things to talk about. I would also mention to Mr. awesome dude that you're a little nervous about meeting his friends. Making him aware of that should compel him to be a bit protective of you, like not leaving you alone with his friends for too long, and helping to include you in conversations.

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I'm in a similar situation myself. Had a wonderful first date with a very sweet guy on Wednesday, and before the date was over, we'd already arranged a second date. But he's mentioned that he intends for me to meet his best friend at that time, and I'm on the shy side, so I'm very nervous about it! I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us!

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It means he thinks a lot of you or sees great potential!

On my second date with my SO, we were in the pub when he got a text from his mother who was on her way. I ended up meeting his mum and stepdad...now that was weird! Flattering, hilarious and I love him the more for it!

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Just make sure not to try too hard just be yourself. A few conversation starters if you'd like: how long have you known so-and-so? Do you guys come here often? What do you all do? Little things. Don't talk about the fact that you just started dating and don't think of yourself as on trial with his friends judging you. His friends might be an important part of his life, which is why he wants you to meet them so early. I had my ex-girlfriend meet my friends on our 5th date at a movie we all saw.

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