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how would you rate your attractiveness 1-10? physical and personality


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I live in Los Angeles, where good looks are almost a requirement! Luckily, I have always looked like the typical L.A. lady, tall, blonde, big breasts (natural), blue eyes, fairly slender, long legs, and a perfect smile. Here, I would give myself a 7 or an 8, there are gorgeous women everywhere you look so you have to have a strong self image to live here, but if I lived somewhere else, and 8 or 9. I'm funny, outgoing, generous, and very intelligent, so I'd give myself a 9 or 10 in that department. I like me, so that is what is the most important.

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This is a little hard for me to answer. Rate myself too high and I may appear vain, too low and I'll seem to lack confidence. I'd rather just leave it up to other people if I decide (and remember) to put up a profile picture, LOL.


I'm no Claudia Schiffer, but I don't think of myself as ugly either.

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Physically, I am a 2, I am not pretty at all and people tell me all the time I am not. Personality wise I give myself a 7. I was going to say an 8, but I can be rude, not because I do it on purpose but because I am terrified of people. So sometimes when I try to avoid people, I might end up appearing rude. However, around people who aren't strangers I can be an 8 or 9.

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.. I'm pretty sure some people I know would find you to be quite attractive.


that's nice of you to say, but you should know that that picture is almost six years old, and while I may not look drastically different in that I haven't gained/lost an eye or anything like that, my ears are still as big, I am a few pounds heavier and a few more years ravaged by depression.


+1. You look like a fun, awesome guy too.


the pic was also taken at a party in college, and I was most likely drunk. So that explains that, but thanks.

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