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I broke. No contact with my ex after 9 days. And he was so cruel to me. Makes me wonder why he even answered. Because he wasn't answering before I just stop calling. This is the second time he has crushe. Me. I just want to move on. And get myself together.

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I'm sorry irishjerry. I'm talking about my post from the other day. I had stop calling him. 8 days went by he had stop answering my calls before I went nc. So I called him. And he was so mean. Told me he had someone else called me a stalker. Said. That. He just wants me to leave him alone. But why answer. He wasn't answering it before. Think he just wanted to crush me. Never did anything to make him so mean. Jus didn't want to put up with the mean selfish. Self centered. Person. No more. The disrespect. Infidelity. The verbal abuse. I can go on. I still love him but he crushed me. I know that he got in his mind that I'm falling apart over here. That's his ego. And to tell ppl I'm crazy. And stalking. He made me so insecure. So unwanted. Like I was not enough. I can go on.

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yea, when they make you seem like a stalker... thats incredibly rough.


you just have to move on. no contact can really help you heal. spend more time with the people that do care about you. work on the hobbies that make you happy. smile, even if you don't really want to, or at least try to. eventually, you'll get through all of this.

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Stupid me


Not stupid you. Emotional you perhaps, but you are not stupid. Don't put yourself down, rather have compassion for yourself.

When under such a state, we do things we don't normally do.


Just take care of yourself and try, really try not to contact him again.

You will be fine in a long while, but right now, just ride the emotional storm.


We are here to help.



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Come here post here instead whenever you feel like contacting, he seems so selfish and mean, he shouldn't do that! You don't want to be with this person, you don't want to be with anyone who doesn't want to be with you, right now it might not feel like it your heart might still love him but give yourself time, to heal and to get better, then your heart will catch up with your mind and realise you really don't want to be with anyone who doesn't wanna be with you, it's natural.

And don't beat yourself up and don't take what he said to you to heart, you're not a stalker and you're not stupid! You just had a weak moment and it's so natural and normal, you're not the only one who calls their exes after a break up, almost all people did something like that. The only thing you need to do is learn from your mistake and not go down that path of contacting them again, because trust me when I say this it will only set you back and hurt you more, there's nothing magical he will say that will instantly make you feel better, the damage has been done and now it's up to you to fix yourself, no one else can do it for you.

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