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I have NC but why does he??

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Here again... I'll try not to ramble here. Just feel so confused. So we had the "official" break up last friday. I was a complete mess - did the crying, begging bit, that some of us do. He said he just couldn't go through the on/off bit anymore. He was doing it to prevent himself getting hurt, not to hurt me.

The next day I sent him an email asking if we could maybe sometimes go out together, without kids (we both have one each). I said that I would leave it to him, if he wanted to do that.

He wrote back to say that we could and that if we could have some of the lovely times again together then we should give it a try. Since then, I have gone NC, as hard as it has been and still is. I haven't heard anything at all from him either. I'm confused as to what could be going through his mind. I feel that if he did want to keep in touch, as he said, then why hasn't he? Surely, the longer it goes, the more distance there is going to be? Is he not in touch because he doesn't know how I'm feeling?


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No one knows! He may not even know what he wants. It's only been a week. Thats barely any time at all. Give him some space. If you act all needy and keep getting in his face you'll push him away.


Yoyo relationships rarely work in the long run. The same issues keep coming up and never get resolved and somewhere down the road it ends for good. I don't know what your issues are, but unless you fix them thers no hope of a permanent relationship.

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If he wanted to keep in touch, he would. You need to focus on people's actions more than their words. Sometimes it's easier and less awkward to say to someone "we just HAVE to keep in touch!" instead of "I don't really want to talk to you again". And just because he might want to keep in touch, it doesn't mean that he wants you back.

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