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Married women who flirt with men in the workplace.


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There are some married women at my workplace who are in a habit of flirting with men (single or married), because it is part of their out-going, extroverted personality, or because they are just being nice and socialable. Most of the time, I don't take any of their "unique style of flirtation" seriously, because if I did, I could call it reverse sexual harassment. I am not easily offended or feel uncomfortable enough to make any complaints about their sometimes, suttle, flirtatious behavior. I just don't take it seriously. I don't feel threatened by it. Is this because I am a man and not a woman? It is unclear to me when a married woman's flirting in a workplace is serious, because she wants to score on a man at work, or she flirts because this is her habit of her personality--just being nice, having a sense humor, and not to be taken seriously, which there are men and women who welcome this happy and outgoing personality in the workplace. Are you a married or divorced woman who flirts with men in the workplace? If so, please explain what you do and why you do it (flirting), and when it should be taken seriously?

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I used to think that you couldn't really "sexually harass" a man - not like you could to a women. Well in my eyes anyways.


But at my work, we have fired 3 females for this exact behavior. For me, I will just laugh it off, but I was extremely surprised at how many men at my work place are seriously offended and will complain.

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what exactly do they do? i dont know any flirtatious women and i cant really imagin a woman go all over a man..and it would be disgusting a married woman "sexual harass" men.

i remember once my bf told me when he was getting subway,the girl was downright flirtin with him and implying his man-hood is "foot long" i laughed so hard

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embarrassed me!

i used to flirt when i was married because i thought it obvious it was harmless fun and if anything came of it that would be adultry....everyone knowing i am extremely against adultry.

so my answer as to why i flirted was because i thought it was fun,except i never flirted with anyone who i felt might take it as real "something might come of this"

now i am older i don't think i would do it if still married because i am less naive and think more people are up for adultry then i believed to be the case when i was younger.

so for me it was fun because i always told the people i was playing with that i would never commit adultry and we were playing.

i think to be uncertain and insecure must be nasty.

for flirting to be fun there has to be no touching (touching to me would be way beyond flirting-even a pat on the bottom is a big no) and a clear understanding that it is not going to go anywhere.

now that i am older i appreciate that men can also be harrassed which i never thought when younger--so young and dumb--now so old and wise? LOL

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I don't understand the post. I guess I would need more contex.


Some women are just friendly and have a sense of humor. Unfortunately, you'll always have those men who, through wishful thinking, interpret that as, "she's so horny, she wants me so bad". Married women still have personalities. We're not going to act like ice cubes just to avoid exciting some loney, insecure man.


But when you speak of sexual harassment, that's obviously more than just funny, happy women. So we need more context here.

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Whether a man sexually harasses a woman or a woman sexually harasses a man its all still "sexual harassment. I would think that flirting cannot be taken serious its just words but when actions are suggested then it can be taken seriously. I would generally operate on the assumption that its harmless flirting.

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Sexual harassment is just that - harassment. If you are someone who likes having your bottom pinched, and someone comes up and pinches your bottom, and you like it - it isn't harassment.


For someone else, the same act could constitute assault.


It depends on both people involved; there was a place where I worked years ago, where there was one of the guys - a very youthful 60 year old who played in a band - was very chivalrous and flirtatious to all attractive young women. They loved him, because they knew it was all in fun and he'd never push it. He used to get hugged and cuddled a lot. Younger guys used to watch all this and wonder how he 'got away with it'.


On the other hand, I have known guys who were so creepy and predatory that just being in the same room as them felt like sexual harassment ...


To answer the question, though, I like to flirt with guys who know how to 'play the game' and enjoy the banter without reading anything else into it. I pick my victims very carefully - after all these years, you can spot people with that kind of humour a mile off - and it's a lot of fun. But, for me, it's all about having fun and I wouldn't dream of doing it if it were likely to cause embarrassment or offence either to the person themselves or their partner. Though there was this one guy who used to try to embarrass ME, and I felt that he was fair game. He used to go a really enchanting shade of purple. Wonderful!

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Is it just bantering, trying to get to know you and light teasing? Or are we talking about down right sexual comments about your muscles and other body parts?


You can't really shift the blame on the woman in the former case if it's been repetively making you feel uncomfortable while you never tell them. But that's just my opinion.


If you notice that the women start touching you in other places than arms or shoulders or makes raunchy comments, then that would definetly be sexual harrasement.

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