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I’ve been dating a guy for a few weeks and things started going great. Until I received a message from one of his ex girlfriends ex boyfriends – His ex girlfriends ex boyfriend asked me if I had as many naked pics of my new date on my phone as his ex girlfriend did on hers…..Also told me they have been sleeping together for a while (while he has been sleeping with me).


My new guy denied all of it and I have no idea what to think……..!!


He is also a single dad with an ex wife – He is only 30!!!!!


He also hinted to me last week that his career and son will always come first.


Am I wasting my time here ?


After the crap at the beginning – And after thinking about him being a single dad with an ex wife – The child and the career thing. I’m positive this will end in heartbreak anyway.

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Sounds like a whole lot of drama, right off the bat. Regardless of whether or not it's true, about the naked pictures and sleeping together, I'd guess that for this to be happening so early on, it's an indicator of things to come.


However, I could be wrong, and he could be a perfectly nice guy with some crazy friends.


What does your gut tell you?

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I have no idea what my gut is telling me…I have no idea what to think!!!!!!


Not only is there ex wife and child baggage, there’s ex girlfiends ex boyfriend baggage.


I have come out of a 9 year relationship myself and this is the only guy I have trusted since then…………..I’m lost.


Thse messages were not over the phone. It was over facebook, my profile and his profile are completely public. I asked the same thing. The only response I got was that “This place is a small town, everyone knows everyone”

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Are you sure that wasn't really his ex-wife/ex-girlfriend contacting you to scare you off? It makes no sense why a guy would contact you if he's an ex. And doesn't sound like something a dude would do. It's got chick drama written all over it.


But, his kid will always come before you - that much is a given.

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