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So much negative talk!


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Okay so I'm finally going for my dream, and yes I'm getting older but who cares! My mom is so full of negative talk it's making me crazy, and she's right but it didn't stop Susan Boyle or anyone else from trying for their dream so why should it stop me? The opportunity presented itself I'm giving it a shot and if it works out awesome if it doesn't well nothing ventured nothing gained. She's always discouraging me from trying, heck I wouldn't be a college graduate if I listened to my mother, so why start now!


I'm auditioning for The Voice on NBC, I'm doing it via video submission and I'm currently working on getting my stuff together for to create the video. I have my outfit picked out, working on my songs, figuring out the setting, etc. etc. Now I realize she's used to hearing me sing and that's part of the problem, not special. But I know I can sing because people used to tell me all the time how beautiful my voice sounded and a class voice instructor said she thought I would be famous. Back then I was married with two children and basically laughed her off, but now what the heck. If I were to become famous in the process that would be a dream come true, but it has to start with something and for me that's an audition via video.


I just had to get this off my chest. I'm still looking for a real job and going through the real life process post graduation, but if I never try I'll always fantasize and if I try and fail when then I know there's another path meant for me and can finally focus my energy on my true course, though I am taking up songwriting. I'm a creative soul that needs an outlet for this creativity. May God guide me.

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I agree. I have never regretted the things I did in life; only the things I didn't do!


You have a chance, take it. And even if this opportunity doesn't work out, don't stop looking for other opportunities.


Best wishes and good luck!!!

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