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is she still into me?


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About a year ago a girl in my class started sending me some pretty strong signals that she liked me but at the time i couldnt pursue it. Now i can however i rarely see her. So i added her on Facebook and wrote on her wall asking how she was. she never responded to my post. now whenever i comment on anything she ignores it. Then suddenly in school whenever i did see her she would give me a big smile and say hi but still ignore me online. what is going on here and is she still into me or not?

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A year is a long time, she probably has moved on.


Seems a bit weird about the facebook thing though, although I know a lot of people who have accounts but don't spend much time on them/use them that often, so maybe that's why she hasn't got back to you on it. I also know that people can act different online to how they act in the flesh.


If you are into her (which I'm guessing you are as you wouldn't have started a thread) then speak to her face-to-face and see if she fancies going out sometime.


Good luck!

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