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Possible pregnancy? SO worried!!


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Hi guys, I know this topic may have come up before but I thought it might be better to post another thread and explain the specifics of my situation Let me begin with some background. My girlfriend and I are both virgins and we haven't gone any further than fingering and touching each other. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we were making out and I was fingering her. There was precum at the top of my penis (sorry for the graphic description) and I'm not 100% sure I didn't, at some moment, touch it accidentally and have some on my hands. I didn't finger her all the way in though, just along the vaginal lips and a little ways inside. As for her, she had some on her hands for sure, and I recall (everything is a little hazy) her hand guiding mine for awhile to the right spot while I was touching her. Not sure if she actually put her hand inside. So the question is, do you think she might have gotten pregnant? Her period's due in two days and over the last week she's been feeling tired (she says she's not been sleeping well), having stomachaches and headaches occasionally and one night, she felt slightly feverish. Would appreciate some advice- I'm worried sick! Thank you so much guys!!

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best thing you can do is have her take a pregnancy test.


They don't take pregnancy test first, but go ask on the forum, because they are scared of finding facts. They wanna live in the haze of speculation that opinions of people will provide.

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if this happened 2 days before her per period was due, she's not very fertile anyway, and the limited mount of sperm/semen that could have gotten in from your description would mean that you'd need to have some sort of super sperm to get her pregnant. sounds like she's just got some PM symptoms. If she doesn't have her period and gets to about 2 weeks late, get a pregnancy test. If it turns out she IS pregnant, I'm really sorry to say this, but seriously consider the possibility that either it might not be yours (because as mentioned, the chances are quite remote) or if it is yours consider the option of studding yourself out to women who are desperate to conceive who need your super-sperm.

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You do need to be cautious about getting any form of ejaculate on your hands and then putting them into her vagina, because basically that is what they do with artificial insemination, deliver sperm to the vagina.


It sounds like in this case the odds are small and her symptoms sound more like the flu or a stomach bug, but in future, don't handle your penis then put your hands in her or let her handle your penis, if there is any form of ejaculate on it.


And if there is any doubt at all, she needs a pregnancy test.

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