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Dumper contacts me.


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So I got dumped 1 month ago. Did the begging and pleading. Got rejected. So I went into No Contact. But we do talk because of work through email only. I found out that I have been showing passive aggressive behavior towards my partner during our relationship, I think she left me because of that. So I broke NC and emailed her, explaining that I know what my problem is and that I accept and understand why she left me. So I did not replied to her last email of Have a good Tuesday!. And she whatsapped me today, "Just dropping a msg, have a wonderful day! ( I replied hey thanks you too! 2hours later. She wants to be friends and I just want to be polite. So she replies me telling me that her friends are meeting for dinner tmr night, and asked if I wanna go. I don't think she making moves to ask me back or anything. I am just wondering why. Her friends do not know that we broke up. I spoke to one of them a few days ago.

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our conversation


her: hey friends wanna have dinner tmr. do u wanna go

me: do they know we broke up? wouldn't it be awkward?

her: no they dont but they ask u

me: i am sorry but i cant help wondering what i am there for? especially when they are not aware about us.. i hope u wont think i am rude when i ask that. i just dont understand..

her: cos they asked u....

me: but why didnt u tell them we broke up?

her: cos i dont know if ure comfortable with that

me: but they are ur friends.. u can tell them if u want to. it is okay with me.

her: ok...


she leaves me confused. even her friend i spoke too, doesnt understand her intentions.

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i doubt she wants to get back with me. our emails earlier this week. were nothing about getting back. she hopes i'll be more forgiving to my next partner. i am trying to move on i think. no contact is really good. but cant help but wonder sometimes, what were her intentions for asking. maybe she thinks i will be okay attending dinner. but what am i to do? be there and pretend that we are okay? i realised she did not exactly reply to my questions. just keep saying because her friends asked me along.

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