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Should I travel alone or stay home?


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So I might be spending one whole day in San Francisco alone. I was supposed to travel with my buddy but he had to cancel. I still have the tickets. I'm an introverted female from Maryland so torn about whether I should go at all. What should I do? Any advice, suggestions are welcome.

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I'd go! Last summer I planned a trip to London to visit an old college friend, and then took a train to Edinburgh, Scotland by myself for a few days because I couldn't find anyone to go with me. It was a bit intimidating but so much fun! I met some pretty cool people on the train to and from London, at my hostel, and at local cafes and dramatic performances (I went during the Fringe Festival.) Traveling alone can be so much fun!


San Francisco is a pretty large city and as long as you have some idea of which neighborhoods not to wander into, you shouldn't have any trouble finding things to do by yourself. I went with a few girlfriends a few years back and there was no shortage of things to do there. Do some research before you go, if you haven't already, and ask the concierge at your hotel (assuming you're staying at a hotel) about places to go and places you wouldn't want to go. Just be careful, be safe (the same way you'd be safe in your home town,) and have fun!

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Absolutely you should go!! I went to San Francisco a few years ago and it's awesome! One of my favorite cities...


What to do? Well, Alcatraz is on the top of a lot of people's lists. Taking the street cars. Going down to the wharf. Wandering through Chinatown. The postcard houses. Honestly? It's a very beautiful place and easy to get around. I felt extremely safe... no issues, there.


I think you should go and have a look! It's only a day... there's tons to do!

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Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate your input. I've decided to go ahead and explore the city by myself. It's my first time traveling alone so should be a unique experience.


So jealous! I love San Francisco, have been itching to go back for months (used to think I would move there one day, but alas, life got in the way.) Enjoy; tell us all about it when you get back!

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I JUST moved to SF.... I love it. You'd totally regret not going Golden Gate Park is so much fun. I can wander around it for hours. Go to Baker Beach, it has a really nice view of the GG Bridge. (though fyi, parts are nude... be aware of some fat, naked men)

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SF is a great place to go and you can easily do it solo. Do your travel research ahead of time so you know where you want to visit and stay in the touristy areas. Take organized tours too. There's always a lot of personal growth when you travel, especially on your own. You can even meet up with other travelers who will be there if you connect ahead of time. But don't worry, lots of people do this and if you do your research on the city ahead of time, you will be safe and also have a great time.

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Another great thing about traveling alone is that you can fill your itinerary exclusively with what YOU like. You don't have to compromise with anyone about what restaurants to go to, what sites to see, where to stay, etc. I ventured overseas last year by myself. Most of the time I stayed with a friend in Germany, but took a few detours on my own, since there were things far away that I wanted to see and had nobody to go with for those. I took a train accross Germany and back, and flew to London for a few days and stayed in a hostel. I met people, and had a blast! As an added bonus, I came home feeling like I had accomplished something. If I can do that, I can do anything!

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