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What the... why am i the ennemy???

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Guys.. i had few beers.. Canadians lost the cup... boooooo! LoL


Anyways ive been having a hard time lately... and cherry on top.. While i was driving to my friends house tonight.. we were both face to face at a stop... i saw someone in his passenger but i am blind so i looked away and pretended i didnt even see him.. he looked the otheer way to not make eye contact..Do you know how insulting that is..? ive never done anything to him. EVER. He honestly just wants me to disappear and die. I dont get it. Why is he acting this way!


Ive been NC for 34 days. I heard he is now sleeping with * * * * * bar girls.. and i dont know why he acted that way.


i feel like writing to him... like why cant we be friends why are you acting like this.? i should be mad, i foudn out alot of stuff on him. he is the one that is not right in this.

why is he acting this wayyyyyyyyyy

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If you look through peoples journals and progress on NC, people go through phases of hate, anger, depression, resentmeant, then not caring and finally moving on. Its possible he is at the phase where he is mad or angry about what happened and you are still caring and sad about it. Perhaps from his perspective it all played out differently. My advice, stay NC, any email you send him will not return a reply that will make you feel any better, no matter what he says. Try not to dwell on it too much, continue NC and stay busy doing what you've been doing.

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It is never personal! Ever, it is his right to do whatever he wants, it is his right to have freewill... Try to understand all points. He is on his own path and must do what he has to do for himself, that's all you need to understand.. let it go..do what you have to do for yourself.


Keep NC!!!!!

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Do not take it personally. Nothing he does is because of you. It comes from within himself. He's uncomfortable because that's what his character and experience leads him to feel.


If he's made you the enemy, it's to justify his actions. That's something initiators do in order for the breakup to make sense.

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My ex is doing the same exact * * * * to me... I unfortunately have to work with my ex. I don't see her all that often as she works on the other side of the building and I pretty much avoid all common areas including where she parks her car. But there are occasions where I see her or whatever and she does everything in her power to not make eye contact or go out of her way to avoid me (making it very obvious to me). She just looks mad and nasty to me... its sucked because I know I did nothing to deserve this.


At first this would really bother me. I thought the same things you did... should I email her, text her, apologize (for what? I don't even know!!!). Eventually I learned that doing any of that was just going to keep it going and make my healing process last even longer. As long as I feed into it, it would never stop!


Although I never really got closure from her... she was telling me EVERYTHING I needed to know through her actions. I don't care as much anymore. I just stay NC and try not to look back. If I let it affect me now, its not her fault its my own. Our minds are our worst enemies sometimes.


Just focus on you. AutumnBorn is right. This is what dumpers do sometimes to justify their actions. It sucks but the best thing you can do is act like you don't give a crap! (eventhough you do) Act completely indifferent! I know its hard at first but you can do it...

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Canadians lost the cup... boooooo! LoL


Well, you haven't seen it up there since '93, so it can't be that surprising.


But no, you shouldn't take something like this personally. While it's understandable to be uncomfortable with what he's (supposedly) doing with his life now, he's not living it with any intentional thought process of making you feel any certain way. As for the awkward car thing - that's just a normal reaction to unexpectedly being in an uncomfortable situation. That's all it was.

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