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Lack of confidence


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Hey everyone,


Thought id post to try and get a few tips etc to what i feel is lack of confidence (just turned 22).


I recently moved to the city from a smallish country town about 2 months ago, before this i was in a long relationship (3years).


Since moving ive been with two girls one being a one night stand the other i dated her for about a month before things ended.


The issue i have is i cannot seem to approach girls, all the women ive ever been with have made the first move. Either talked to me first or approached me when out and started the conversations etc.


From what ive been told im relatively attractive, smart and have a good personality.


But whenever i go out, or have interaction with girls i cannot get past the step of flirting. I seem to be great at flirting etc and i find most girls show some interest although i dont have the confidence to ask for their number or ask them on a date. I have this feeling that girls dont like to be asked or that they would get asked for these things all the time so i would just be an annoyance to them. (although without asking im not sure if thats the case)


What are some tips to change this? As i feel im losing a lot of chances to meet these girls because im too scared of being rejected.


Im getting sick of only allowing girls to make the first moves etc.

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