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Dissapearing boyfriend - part 2


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So, some of you folks may have read my post from yesterday about the disappearing boyfriend saga. He resurfaced this morning with an apologetic text to which he got a most icy reply. He claimed that since he got into an accident with a state vehicle while off duty, IA came to his house to investigate on Sunday, and so he didn't go to the game either. He was apparently too embarrassed to call and tell me.

I'm abridging a bit here, but his story was that he overextended buying the tickets and since his divorce, money has been very tight. He makes as much as I do, and though we both do well, bills do add up and he was too proud to tell me.

He said he would do whatever I wanted him to do to prove he was not with anyone else and really does love me. I told him I want to see his place, see the accident report and have proof his mother really is in the hospital. Which he said he would do.....I asked him for his address, and he wld not give it to me, ostensibly b/c he does not want me to see his crappy apartment (I own a big house - so he is apparently embarrassed).....he said he had to clean and would give it to me by 3. Sure enough 3pm rolls around and he's not able to get it clean....my response "shocker"....and then pretty much silence.

I spoke to him earlier in the day, and he was in real tears over the thought of losing me (allegedly).....and I did the research, he IS divorced....so what is this new twist all about? It's become amusing at this point....any thoughts?

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you're better off without him. this guy is shady, you know that. he seems to have a lot of excuses. i do think there is another woman in the picture, somewhere.


i'd tell him you're done for good, wish him a good life, and get the heck out of there!!!

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the plus side is that you didn't waste too much time on this guy. i also dated a guy who had some very interesting 'stories' after a few weeks of dating. when i pushed him for some answers, he disappeared. i later found out he was married (but his wife lived in another country, he was just here for a few years working). when things aren't adding up, there's a good reason for it.


stay strong!!

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his mistake for dating intelligent women!


if i had to guess, i think he's involved with another woman, and i think she might be like you, intelligent with a busy career. i suspect she might be a hospital resident or nurse, and she might work odd hours or be on call. or she has some kind of other profession with wacky, unpredictable hours. maybe he thought he would be free on sunday, but then her job said she didn't have to come in??


and 'not having a clean house?' pfff. you're not expecting a guy's home to look like martha stewart's right?? what a liar.

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Annie - Good point. Definitely not another cop. I met all his friends at the funeral anyway.

Llama - I think it was the IA investigation for him using a state vehicle for personal use and then getting into an accident with it that he was embarrassed about....and his being broke and needing to use it in the first place.

I'd love to be able to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that just isn't going to happen. Not unless I get a call from his Captain! Lol!

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