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How Do I Decide What Course I Want To Take?

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This is a bit of rant, but I really need some help.


Ever since April I have been visiting my local job resource center. I am considering going to collage since I haven't yet, but only if the government funds it, I cannot take on anymore debt at this time, because I just have to much as it is.


I applied and have been accepted into my local collage's course for "Office Administration" My second choice was the Business Administration course. Yesterday I went into the career place to start filling out the application for financial assistance and the woman who has been working with me on all of this told me that I should apply to the 2nd year course for the office administration course called: "Office Administration - Software & Information Management" We then got on the topic of my 2nd course choice which was "Business Admin" and she stopped me from doing my application and told me to talk to a career consular at NSCC to get things straightened out since I am unsure of what I really want to take.


This is an awful thing to say but a big reason why I have even applied to collage is because of my dad, nothing I do seems to make him proud, I am like the loser/black sheep of the family basically. I know he just wants me to be well in life, but I have issues I can't seem to overcome.


I am terrified that collage is going to be a repeat of High School. No friends, standing around alone in the hallway, skipping school because of lack of friends or being made fun of constantly which caused me to hide in the library every chance I got. I just am very terrified of a repeat. Everyone assures me collage is nothing like high school.


Originally I really wanted to do the Business Admin course, but its 2 years long and the 2nd year I could take accounting, which is what I would prefer... The office admin course teaches you some accounting but not enough to really give you a job right in accounting.


Even though the government would be paying for me to go I don't want to make a stupid choice and hate the course. My friend thinks I should just do my 1st choice because of the free money aspect of not having to job search but I don't care about that. I am 24 and the time just seems right, this could be my only chance for collage.


The Business course seems better because it teaches you more, but it has a lot of crap I have no interest in, and I don't care about management or anything.... I just want to study and basically have a boring repetitive office job. I like multi tasking and I like steady/repetitive work... Or accounting or something.


I know I sound like an idiot... I am just scared about all of this because if I end up being stupid and quit school then I am going to owe the government a ton of money which is not something I want to do...


My cousin took office admin in 2009 and has never got a job in it, she works in a bank though and likes it. My other cousin who is 4 hours away took the same course and has no job in it either. So I am hearing horror stories about the office admin course because of lack of jobs. And the woman the career place even admitted that employers would rather see a concentration to show you studied beyond office procedures.


I am shy too which doesn't help, so I suppose realistically neither of these courses are for me. But its the only working other then writing that I can see myself studying to get a career in. I don't know, I need to put my childish thinking behind me and be positive but its so hard. I was laid off from Zellers in December and have applied to 200 places since then (including reapplies) I had about 6 interviews from January 2011 - May 2011, and not much is hiring around here.


A call center might be coming though and if it comes and I get a job there then school is going to be out of the picture, I feel paying off my debt is more important then collage right now because most people I know study and are stuck working in fast food and stuff.


I called the career counselor who was not in and left a message so I guess we will see what happens. But until then I need some advice here... Trying to figure this out is really impacting me negatively...


Has anyone else had doubts, or changed their course out? What did you do?


Do you think my shy/anti social personality is going to kill my chances of success with this. Once I get to know people I open up and joke around and stuff... But I am very quiet and keep to myself and really don't want a job involving a bunch of customer service..

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College is nothing like high school. There's no standing around goofing off before classes. You are there to reach a goal and get an education. I wouldn't let those fears weigh into your decision at all. I can't really add much to your fields of study except that accounting is fairly solitary as a career. So might work well if you are shy around people. Anyhoo, if you go into the college experience with an open mind I think you will be surprised how much you can grow and change. They are many many opportunities at colleges to grow as a person. I know I grew and changed a lot, and that's a positive thing! As to gov debt. Lots of people carry that and it's not too bad. Low interests makes it a bargain. You can also usually find work on campus to help lower that or make ends meet. Lots and lots of options, including grants. I did all three and it worked well. On changing majors/fields I did that. Lots of people go in with one goal and decide to switch. As long as you do it early enough it's no biggie. Hope it works out!

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Well reading your post is making me not feel as stressed as least! And you mentioned many positives so that helps for sure. I hope tomorrow the career person calls me for I can get stuff answered and then within the next week I would like to make my decision final on what course to take.

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Jonas is right. College in NOTHING like HS. I'm 37 and going back to school in September. Granted it will be at night and perhaps only 2 courses per semester, but still.... I've met with a career councelor at my school and there are courses you can take that will help you find your path. Look into it.

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Jonas is right. College in NOTHING like HS. I'm 37 and going back to school in September. Granted it will be at night and perhaps only 2 courses per semester, but still.... I've met with a career councelor at my school and there are courses you can take that will help you find your path. Look into it.


Thank you catcountry, since so many people are saying its nothing like High School I guess I should really put that thought behind me. I tried to call the collage to speak with the career consular by phone to see about speaking with her but had to leave a message, so hopefully I can find out what I need by next the end of next week.

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I agree with the other 2 people. College is nothing like highschool. Everyone does their own thing in college. You don't have the time to worry about others like teenagers do in high school. So, dont worry about that aspect. I have met a lot of interesting people in college. It is a whole new ball park. There are a lot of people who are different from you. As long as you go in there with an open mind..You will be fine. As for what major or classes to take...go with what your heart is telling you. According to your post..you seem more interested in the business aspect..I would say go for it. I know i went to college for business when I first started college. I ended up changing my major in the middle of my first semester. Again, go in there with an open mind and take classes that interest you. You might be surprised!


A lot of people are nervous when starting college..because they want answers right away and answers do not come out right away. I have grown a lot in college. I am more mature now than I was in my first semester of college. You learn and grow a lot while you are in college. I would say go in there with an open mind.


Dont worry about being in debt! All college students are in debt..(unless mommy and daddy are paying your way..which in most cases that is not true). Just get enough money to cover school and try and find a part time job and focus on classes.


Best of luck to you!

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Thank you mdog. I still can't seem to get in touch with a career consular at the collage so hopefully someone calls me Monday. I called 2 different people and left messages. My debt is from 2 years ago, credit card debt because of being stupid and quitting probably the best job I ever had. That is why I don't want loan debt. But we shall see what happens.


All these comments have made me feel slightly better, so thank you all so much for responding!

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First thing you should consider is your own interest, Life-changing decisions are always the hardest to make. Taking the right degree course can make or break your career. Most high school graduates understand the necessity of a higher education and have a hard time deciding which course will give them the best future. There are numerous educational career choices today some of which include back office work as administrative officers. This too is a very efficient career option. Hope this information will help you.



Thanks a lot

Elizabeth Ruda


Thank you for the comment, Oh I know its hard seeing as I am 24 and just am getting around to hopefully deciding something. I talked to a career consular and after she told me more about the Office Information Management Course. I want the Office Administration Certificate and then I hope to move on to the Office Information Management course, which is a diploma. So I will have a diploma and certificate.


Now I just need to finish up the process of filling out paper work and then hopefully by August I will know if I got the funding or not.

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