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I have a simple question. I won a gift certificate for a dinner at an ok restaurant (not real real fancy but not you "diner at Joe's") and I invited a girl I like last week out to dinner because it was our last semester and I thought I would never see her again. I took action on the last day, saying its now or never! We talked before, but always college-related stuff, so I really wanted a time to get to know each other.


When I asked her out it turned out she was very, very busy (really, no excuses, their program had Thesis that day and i didn't know about it until later), and she said no. But as I was about to say "ok, its cool"and leave she got really nervous, blushed, and started moving her hands nervously. She then asked me if I was to come later to the University, I said yes, and she said that maybe other time. She kept saying maybe other time, but she was busy, but another time, but she has also some other stuff... and I was nervous too because that cought me off my guard, so I didn't set a date for going our or something like that.


I wanted to ask, what do you guys think? Should I ask again (that's what Im inclined to do)? And I think she understood Lunch when I meant Dinner, should I go for dinner or change to lunch, or ask what she prefers? Thanks a lot!

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