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Seeing your boyfriend losing interest is more frustrating than I thought


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When does it get to the point you should end it? He used to be really engaged in everything... 2 months later, nothing. I don't know if I should just walk away or what.. I'm not in this relationship to play games. Like, I know to just let them be, and I'll do that. But I don't know the point where I should just walk away?


Haven't had this problem before.

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Tell him point-blank that it appears he is losing interest in the relationship, and ask him if it's true. If he says no, he still wants to be with you, then ask him why he never wants to do much of anything anymore. I know that sounds simplistic, but what else can you do? You won't know for sure unless you ask.

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Hmm.. I am not good at this.. I'm not that great at communicating these things to begin with. Do you have advice how to address this to someone who primarily speaks another language? LOL. He knows enough english but sometimes theres mistranslation lol.. Maybe this wasnt the best idea, aha.


And you're right, we always do the you happy? yup. LOL. You're good .


Oneironnaut, I'll do what you suggested when I see him this weekend.

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Just from reading this brings up my past relationship. RUn for the HIlls!! there could be someone else...Mine acted this way, we broke up..I moved out, he got married and has a kid on his way. I would bring it up to him that you feel like you guys lost the spark and wondering if anything is bothering him...Hold his hands while your talking to him, it helps them feel more connected...he will open up to you if you give him a chance to without hounding him or seeming angry..

let me know what happens, just remember to maintain your exposure and be an adult about it, not a kid...Talk to him with the upmost concern and keep eye contact...

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