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Should i go NC?


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Im after some advice please. Been broken up from with my ex for 4 weeks now, we work together and before going out we were friends.


We ended on really good terms, there was no nastiness between us and we both left feeling ok about the decision. The reason we broke up was because he didnt know what he wanted and is going through a really strange time in his life, he almost seems depressed at the moment and on a downer a lot of the time. Hes normally one for going out with friends but hes just not been doing that since we broke and when i asked him why, he said hes no idea whats wrong with him.


So we have been keeping in LC and if im honest i would like to give things another go between us, but dont get me wrong if he doesnt want to i can live with his decision.


So fast forward to friday night and i text him that i missed him... dont ask me why i did this but it was generally how i felt, i do miss him and his company. He took a while to reply and when he did it was the next morning saying he's sorry for the delay replying but his nan has just died, and sorry but can we talk next week instead. Well... i felt terrible, what awful timing on my behalf.. i immediately wanted to call him but decided against it and sent him a reply saying i was sorry and im here if he needs anything. Since the weekend ive given him the odd text to check how he is and he seems greteful im checking hes ok.


Im clearly not going to bring up the talking after the msg i sent as the ball is in his court now but im just wondering whether after the funeral i should go NC with him? I do want him back but im getting a feeling hes not overly keen at the moment... yes we are talking but i feel if he wanted me back then he would be putting a few more feelers out. Maybe its just me reading too much into it and we should keep LC but im not sure on what to do?

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I'd go NIC (not initiating contact) if I were you. I was in a similar boat where my ex and I still have great communication and chemistry. When I told her I'd stop reaching out to her, so we could get the proper space, she understood very much. I told her it was for our sake, that I wanted to work on improving myself. The idea is that you want to help yourself first. Besides, you NEED this space to clear your head a little. You can figure out what went wrong and improve on it. Plus the thing about NIC is that it lets him miss you a little and leaves the door open for him to reach you.


It seems you have a good head about it. No need to subject yourself to extremes like NC. Take it nice and easy and stay positive.

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