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To the LADIES: Please, help me make sense of this...


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I am 20 & I fell in love with a girl, whom i used to playfully hate at first. We got really close to each other in a span of 4months..she trusts me implicitly & the only other person who is just as close, is her BFF of 3years. We share a spooky amount of things in common & I understand everything about her & can even read her mind at times, n guess it right. She Knows this, & acknowledged it as well. we text each other late into the night. she confessed that she texts me the most even when compared to her BFF & she uses a LOT of smileys in her texts with me. She nicknamed me as Sam.


But she was in a relationship though, a long distance one & her first one. I stayed as a good friend to her. she then broke up coz she was being smothered by her then BF. It was a bad break up. On the day of the break up..she cried to me on the phone ( stn she has never shown to any1 other than her bff)...i consoled her was torn to see her in pain.


she strongly believes in personal freedom & independence. she acts tough but inside she is fragile & delicate. Her ex-bf haunted her thru FB messages & i know that the break up affected her badly. she just said that she wasnt going to get into another relationship at all. but at times, she says that someday, she knows, she will..in the future.


its been two months since her breakup & i know its too soon. her friends know that i care a lot for her. in which way? i donno..

& we have been very subtly flirting...she initiates the convo thru text at most times..we dont get to meet as much as we'd like...We flirt at times, like i say: "I dont like you no more" & she responds by saying: "lets see for how long you can hold out. coz i know YOU wont, you CANT.." "you cant stay away from me, I know!!" like tht. when we meet..i tried to observe & found out that she was mimicking my stance & way of standing..when, i changed & she did the same too. I put up a dedication song for her on FB & she told me "wow, It worked!!" & that she liked it.


one common friend: my gal friend knows abt this..& my elder sister too...both of em believe that she is sending a lot of mixed signals, as do i. I told her accidentally thru text that i used to like her & never told her coz it wouldve hurt her...& then we had a long talk that night on FB chat. she seemed like she was pissed with me, she told me that i shouldve talked to her before about this in person. & that she had lost her trust in me n also that i had lost her friendship too. I told her that ishe was very imprtant in my life & that i din wish to lose her frm my life..nor her friendship. she demanded of me "why didnt you tell me before..& i jus got outta a relationshp..do you think i will get back into that again?" i told her that it was "exactly the same reason, why i didn wanna tell you, & i dont expect you to get into it again, coz you are happy just the wy you are now & that is my only concern![/b] ..i apologized if i had hurt her & she said: i know you wont ever do anything to hurt me, But i need freedom from relationships.

things went bad, i thought...n next morn i had serious cold vibes frm her thru tx,t as well as in person. I knew she was pissed badly...i had told her in morn that we needed to talk abt this in person. when we met.& she said fine..thre was more cold vibes when we met...i ignored it & was just being myself, having fun with our gang of common friends..later i asked her whetehr she felt like talking & i saw her blushing for no reason, & then suddenly saying stn very random n deflecting it..i asked her again later on & she said "not now"..


that day, after i failed to talk to her. i thought it was over...But she invited me over to her place along with her bff & another gal frnd & insisted i stay till the eve..we went for lunch with her sister & then everything went great that day...like nothing ever happened..she invited me next to her on the couch..was comfortable with physical contact with me. The next day..she initaited the text convos again..


she txtd me askng whether i was angry at her coz we didn get to talk..i told her that: we have to talk, but i wont force you, the choice of time is yours..when you feel the need, i will talk with you then. she was fine with that.


Now here's the mind twisting part:

after a couple of days..she starts teasing & flirting with me thru text again: there was a happy occasion in her place & i asked her if she was going out for dinner? she said "No its soo bad! no1s taking me out today. it sad..why dont you take me out for dinner today. "....and she was talkin to me that she wanted a Pug..i told her to get one in the future, f she wanted it. again she replies "i need some1 to take care of it as well. " & i winked back too. on another occasion: we wre plannin to go on a night out. she told me "i will try to stay awke, but if not, then all i need is a shoulder. " she now teases/flirts with me at more times than before..


She sometimes asks my views on stuff like Pre-marital Sex & my views on other stuff, like some Personal Interview, just to validate my answers with my previous ones. she told me that "its going to be this way from now on...you dont have a choice, or do you want to change your choice now? tell me n get it done with"... & she said that i was being true & that i was a cool dude & an awesome guy. she has flattered me on many occasions before n asked abt my realatnship status too in the beginning.




My sister tells me that, the fact that she was smiling/blushing when i asked her to talk, tells her that she does like me but since she just got out of a relationship, she doesnt wanna get back into one just like that. & that she is taking advantage of the fact tht she is in the driver's seat now. My gal friend, the mutual frnd...wants me to talk with her again in person abt this & ask her to come clean with her feelings.


she is gonna get into a job soon..like from next week & after that..we will get to see her only on sundays..she told me that she was sad that we wont get to meet like before & i told her that it saddened me too coz i will miss her a lot...& she said we will surely get to meet on sundays.


What should i do now please tell me...Espescially,LADIES, Please analyze this n tell me what might she be thinking of me? whether she is scared of getting into a relationship soon or is she just fliritng with me for no reason. Coz SHE HATES FLIRTING WITH PEOPLE & ALSO WHEN PEOPLE FLIRT WITH HER.



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Yeah, she's teasing you. I don't think she's interested in having a relationship with you at all, but she wants to make sure YOU still like HER. She wants an ego boost, and you are right there to give it to her.

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