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Why did my ex just text me?


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My girlfriend just broke up with me yesterday after being together for about 7 months, she told me she didn't feel like we were bf and gf and just really good friends, I am her bestfriend and she cares about me so much, etc, you know the deal. Today i get a text from her saying "Good luck on your exam tonight!" As i know, that means more than just what she said. Is she missing me? I sent her a text back a while later saying "Thanks for the words of encouragement, i hope you know i care about you a lot but i need some space to process things" then she wrote back "Alright, that's understandable"


where do I go from here???

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Do nothing, go NC to clear your head, then gauge it from there. I needed like 2 months NC but my relationship was almost 6 yrs, everyone is different. Don't fool yourself when you're not ok as an excuse to contact, you'll know when you are. In time you'll see the meaning of her messages, good or bad.

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