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4 Months of NC and I Feel......


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So I have gone 4 months of NC and couldn't feel any better. To recap, my first 'real' gf broke up with me after a heated argument back in February. It was very tough for me since it was the first time I actually "loved" a girl and had a crush and all that.. We dated for about 7 months and if you want more background about the nasty break up; you can read my previous threads.


Anyways, I wanted to let anyone out there who is struggling just to take it one day at a time. Believe me its tough, I know. The first week I begged and pleaded. The only contact we have had since then was exchanging each other's stuff. When we dated she said I was the best bf she ever had. Her friends were so jealous that she had me as a bf and her family loved me. She told me no other person made her feel so happy and full of life. However, that did not stop her from spreading very vicious and untrue rumors about me once we broke up. And she has already moved onto another guy. And never responded to any of the pleading or begging I did.


So here I am 4 months later and have realized I have so much potential. I am not dependent on that one person who I loved. So much positive has happened to me since the breakup.

* I got a job with the Federal Government right after graduating college

* I have gone on dates with a few other girls

* I got accepted into a MBA program

* And I have gone on 3 dates with this awesome girl who is just like me with the same interests and hobbies. She could be a potential gf for me


And hopefully my ex gf has found out because I want her to feel useless. A few of her friends and mom are still friends with me on Facebook, so they have seen I got a nice new job and having fun on dates with much more attractive girls. My ex gf used to say I would never find anyone hotter than her, she used to complain because I didn't have a job lined up as soon as I graduated, and she said I wasn't accomplished enough to get into a MBA program. And I am not trying to get her back anymore, she's trash compared to the quality girls I have met.


I just wanted to update ENA and thank everyone for their continual support and awesome advice!

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